#PrideIs Family

Learn what #PrideIs to Tami, PRIDE Vice President.

Allstate PRIDE is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that promotes a positive and inclusive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, and agender employees and their allies. In 2016, Allstate celebrated 10 years of PRIDE. In recognition of this, employees were asked to share what Pride means to them by using #PrideIs.

Tami, PRIDE Vice President, shared what #PrideIs to her, “I joined PRIDE because I was looking for a community. I was looking for a space that would allow me to understand what it means to ‘bring my whole self to work.’ Joining PRIDE showed me that Allstate not only supports me but there is a whole community inside of it that wants to express just how much I’m valued for being here and for being who I am…When we go through personal struggles with illness, heartbreak, and change, we call each other. But we also go to each other’s weddings, celebrate people’s promotions, and cheer each other through our triumphs.

“ERGs are everything, and this is why – without ERGs, so many of us would feel so alone. I see the people I work with more often than I see some of my family members, and if I didn’t have a group that I knew was behind me 100% as I forge my way through life, I don’t think I would be very good at a lot of the things I do. ERGs are the life-force of a company and it creates opportunities for employees that don’t always feel wanted and needed to find support and strength in their professional, and maybe even personal, lives. ERGs make us better, as a company, as employees, and as people.”

PRIDE is one of 11 ERGs at Allstate. Learn more about Allstate’s ERGs and why we value inclusive diversity.