Smiling Allstate employee working at her desk.

Empathy at Work

Learn how Eileen helps customers in their times of need.

“Life insurance can be a very emotional business. Customers buy their policies to protect their families and pay their bills after they’re gone. What we do in Life Claims is important because when it’s time for Allstate to deliver, we’re where the rubber hits the road. It comes down to my team to make good on our promise.” says Eileen, Life Claims Associate

Eileen realizes that times are stressful in the lives of those calling in, so she makes a point to show that she cares, especially when customers share personal stories with her.  “You have to be able to shift your personality to match who you’re having the conversation with. I have a different persona with an attorney than with a mother who just lost her son. You have to have that intuition for how to be there for people.” Eileen wants customers to feel comfortable and know we care.

Life claims is just one area of claims that requires a great deal of empathy, but at the same time, it is definitely a rewarding career.

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