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Striving for success, one agency at a time

Learn more about Shanna’s on-the-go career as a Field Sales Associate at Allstate.

Not every job at Allstate is your typical desk job, but not everyone wants to work at a desk. Some of our employees love traveling and life on the go. This is true for Shanna, a Field Sales Associate with Allstate, who is constantly on the road visiting agencies and dealerships, making sure they have the proper tools and education to be successful. Her role requires her to be a master of many department within Allstate, as she is a liaison between the Southwest regional office and the agency owners within that region. She supports agency owners in meeting their annual goals. She often meets with agency owners in multiple locations in one day, which means she is frequently on-the-go.

Shanna started out as an agency process associate in August 2015 and was promoted shortly after in January 2016 to an agency process specialist role. In October 2016 she was selected to be a part of the Field Sales Associate program where she has plans to become a Field Sales Leader in 2017. “The program appealed to me because it’s an opportunity to make a bigger impact on the success of our agencies,” says Shanna. She has had the opportunity to sit in on an agency for three weeks to learn the ins and outs of their different roles all while completing her required licensing for life and health and property and casualty. Shanna is a strong supporter of small businesses, and she enjoys hearing the success stories and how the agencies truly have an impact on others.

“Really, it’s all about building relationships, and that’s what I love so much about it.” – Shanna, Field Sales Associate

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