Female Allstate Marketing professional at her desk, working on social media.

Using social to drive better business decisions

Learn how Natasha’s team collects & analyzes data from social media.

Allstate offers positions where people play around on Twitter and Facebook all day? Not entirely, but in a way, that is just a small part of Natasha’s every day job as a Social Intelligence Manager. The gathering of data and insights from platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, is an absolute necessity to make sure the content Allstate shares is valuable to our customers.

“I help people understand the benefits that social media can provide them. Social media sites aren’t just fluffy recreational platforms, but rather a place where we can gather great insights that will help Allstate meet customer needs. We gather these insights through a process called social listening.” -Natasha, Social Intelligence Manager

Social listening is how Natasha and her team know what people are saying about Allstate, Allstate’s competitors, campaigns, and products. They are listening to all channels where anyone can possibly have an influence, but that is just step one. The analysis and suggested action items are what drives business decisions.

Natasha’s favorite part of her job is learning about the variety of projects and initiatives from around the company. After going through Allstate’s three year Leadership Development rotational program, it was her proposal to expand Allstate’s social intelligence services thus creating her position of Social Intelligence Manager. Natasha and her team share their findings by putting out monthly social media reports, and they play a big role in developing and revamping social media strategies.

Learn how you can join a team of marketers using data & insights to drive better business decisions.