Meet one TLDP employee, Bridget

“Technology and business are becoming one. That’s our future state and Allstate is making sure that’s where we end up.” –Bridget, Technology Leadership Development Program

For graduating seniors, the transition from college to the workforce brings both excitement and apprehension. However, Bridget felt secure and ready as she joined a cohort of four other technologists entering Allstate’s Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP).

As TLDP employees, Allstaters take three year-long rotations in different areas of the business with their primary focus on technology. TLDP is house inside Allstate’s greater Leadership Development Program (LDP) but offers a specialized and individualized experience for technologists to apply undergraduate skills to Allstate’s growing technology initiatives. After graduating from University of Illinois with a degree in General Engineering and a concentration in Business, Bridget started her first rotation as a business analyst on the Trusted Advisor team, later transitioning to a product owner.

For her second rotation, Bridget joined Arity, an Allstate start-up company located at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Arity is focused on making transportation smarter, safer, and more useful using predictive analytics and telematics programming. Bridget is a member of the rating service organization (RSO) team. This team collaborates closely with Arity’s data scientists that develop the driving score rating models. The RSO team brings the subsequent knowledge and works with departments of insurance to apply for licenses and file Arity’s models. For her, this is a whole new work where she gets to be on the forefront of what Arity is doing, balancing the legal side of developing an approved model, delving into the insurance business, and getting involved with competitor research.

Bridget sees Allstate as an optimal choice for technologists and engineers to pursue a career. In just two years, she’s witnessed how technology drives every department and initiative at the organization. And now only has she been able to experience the impact of technology on many initiatives first hand, Bridget is also able to look back and reflect on the growth of the company from when she interned at Allstate the summer after her sophomore year.

“Allstate’s dedication to growing its technology stack is apparent in many different parts of the organization.” – Bridget, TLDP

“CompoZed, Allstate’s brand of Agile software delivery, started a few years ago with four employees and has now grown to be very influential in training many business units within Allstate to deliver software using a product mindset. Additionally, Allstate has focused a lot of resources on revolutionizing the customer experience in areas such as Trusted Advisor and Claims Technology through technical solutions that increase the efficiency and effective of Allstate’s customer interactions. Through these initiatives, Allstate is taking an innovative and modern approach to serving the customer’s needs. Finally, Allstate’s start up, Arity, has been able to use Allstate’s expertise in the insurance industry to develop products that service market segments beyond Allstate’s tradition consumer space.”

Bridget believes that TLDP is just another testament to Allstate’s commitment to technology and innovation. “We are in a world where business drives technology, and Allstate is working to remain on the cutting edge in this type of environment. It’s an exciting time to be a technology in the insurance industry as the landscape continues to change drastically, pushing the need for strategic technical solutions to achieve business objectives,” Bridget says. She is grateful to be part of a cohort of other employees, and now friends, who are making the same transition from college to the work place and have similar aspirations to make a positive impact on innovation within the insurance industry. Bridget is excited to further develop her career in technology at Allstate next year in her third rotation amongst close coworkers, friends, and forward-thinking leaders.

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