Creating Value from Intern to Senior Consultant

This is Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant in Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS)!

Jonathan’s Allstate career kicked-off with a summer internship in our Allstate Roadside Services team. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, he decided to join Allstate full-time as a financial analyst in our technology department where he worked on financial data analysis, creating plans and forecasting for our technology leaders.

Looking to continue to evolve his skills, he joined the Allstate Brand Operations as a Senior Consultant in Customer Experience. In this role, he used data and analytics to help improve Allstate’s customer experience. Wanting to take the impact he was making from customer-level to the enterprise-level, he decided to join Allstate Management Consulting Services last year.

“What renews my energy about my role in AMCS every day is the impact we create. AMCS fundamentally transforms the organization. It is incredible to be in the front seat of that change,” Jonathan shares.

One of his favorite projects so far within AMCS was Project Uber. Allstate partnered with Uber Technologies Inc. to bring end-to-end insurance protection to drivers and passengers in Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconsin. This experience exposed him to senior leaders across the enterprise and the cross-functional work that takes place to make new services come to life at Allstate.

Jonathan also has an entrepreneurship background and a passion for innovation, so much that he serves as a board member in business development for Intrapreneurs@Allstate (I@A). I@A is one of Allstate’s employee resources group (ERG) focused on creating an inclusive environment where employees with diverse, intrapreneurial thinking can foster innovation and contribute to Allstate’s business objectives. He’s been part of this ERG for over a year and really enjoys bringing innovation opportunities and resources to people across the enterprise to bring their ideas to life. Jonathan also leverages the Allstate’s Helping Hands program to volunteer for Urban Initiatives, an organization dedicated to inspiring youth towards success.

“Allstate cares about making you the best employee, value creator you can be,” Jonathan says. Are you ready to join AMCS? View our open AMCS positions.