Allstate’s Internal Consulting Team Drives Business Transformation

Did you know Allstate has its own internal consulting team?

Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS) is similar to an external consulting firm with Allstate employees working with different areas of the business as consultants, having full access to the team they’re supporting all the time and continuing to work together after the end of projects. Having the opportunity to work on a project end-to-end has been a huge draw for many of the team members as they’ve come together to create change for Allstate.

“We’re a special team because we all come in with such different experiences and backgrounds. We have tech backgrounds and sales backgrounds and psychology backgrounds. So not only do we all see things differently which helps to moves projects forward, we’re all constantly learning from each other,” Liz, a Management Consulting Expert, says of AMCS. “Our team is part of the corporate business transformation group,” Liz continues, “so we are working on big transformations and strategic changes happening across Allstate.” AMCS helps from brainstorming and strategizing all the way to implementation.

Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant, loves the work he gets to do as well as the team dynamic. “We are a team of curious learners and we have a wealth of knowledge. People who love to learn will feel at home on this team. We also have team activities spread throughout the year, such as professional cooking classes, group painting sessions and other team-building events. What more could you ask for?” he says.

Owen, a Senior Management Consultant, agrees that AMCS is full of self-starters who are ready to grow and lead. “Our team really takes time to help people develop around their genuine interests,” Owen says. Having been on the team for four years, Owen still sees an exciting future for him and AMCS. “We’re really shepherding Allstate into the future. We’re on the forefront of changes as thought partners and leaders. We don’t come into an area to do people’s work for them. We push them and facilitate real transformation,” he says.

Liz agrees, adding that by working with leaders all across the company, she constantly helps move the business forward while developing her own skills. “I’ve done external research, developed strategy, piloted projects, gathered data on performance, and made a global impact on Allstate,” she says.

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