PRIDE at Allstate

At Allstate, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide an open forum where employees with a shared interest aspire, develop and collaborate. Allstate supports and funds 11 ERGs, each with unique value propositions and goals.

During the month of June, PRIDE, Allstate’s LGBT+ ERG, hosts workshops and professional development events to help Allstaters build knowledge and expand resources. Jamie, national vice president of PRIDE, shared his goals for this year’s Pride Month activities.

“Our goal was for LGBT+ Allstaters to celebrate and feel visible, while also having conversations about where we still have work to do. We wanted to create space for people to be able to tell their stories. Storytelling has always been central to our community,and we want everyone to know that their story matters,” Jamie said.

Allstate hosted Toronto based non-profit, Rainbow Railroad, to share how they are supporting international LGBT+ individuals to escape persecution and violence. The event featured a personal story about the impact Rainbow Railroad had on one individual’s life, allowing employees to learn and potentially find new opportunities to give back.

PRIDE is not only focused on celebrating Pride Month, but making sure employees feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work year-round.

Zee, co-leader of PRIDE in Allstate’s Jacksonville office, established a safe zone lunch-and-learn event where any Allstaters can come together and ask questions or learn about a topic that might be new to them.

Zee shared that the Safe Zone lunch-and-learn is a mix of people who identify as LGBT+ and allies who can come together for a meaningful discussion and leave with more awareness of issues facing the LGBT+ community. PRIDE also hosts Ally training at various Allstate locations to create a culture of inclusivity.

“It’s great to see that people feel more open and they can be themselves at work” said Zee. “We also teamed up with the PRIDE chapter in Largo, Florida, and went to the Pride Parade together! I love that PRIDE at Allstate has been growing and allowed me to meet people across the country.”