Candice is a third-year participant of the Finance Development Program (FDP) and is currently a Senior Financial Analyst in Allstate Technology and Strategic Ventures (ATSV) Finance.

She graduated from DePaul University with a major in finance and minor in accounting.

The Finance Development Program (FDP) is a three-year rotational program. It consists of three one-year rotations within our One Finance organization (360°Finance, Investments Finance, Audit, Corporate Finance, ABO Finance and more).

Q: What attracted you to Allstate’s Finance Development Program?

A: I knew I wanted to try Corporate Finance and, specifically, a rotational program so I could have exposure to multiple positions to find a role I was passionate about. I also knew the rotational program would provide opportunities to develop a vast skillset and create a large network across the organization. When it came down to choosing which company to work for, I was looking for a company that had women in leadership, prioritized community involvement and provided a collaborative work environment. I realized Allstate embodied these characteristics during my on-campus interviews, therefore, it was an easy decision to make.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the program?

A: An immense benefit of being part of the program is the network you build. Throughout the program, we are setup with formal mentors, attend networking sessions and meet so many people within our teams and departments. As you move from on position to the next, your network tremendously expands; I still meet with several individuals from my first rotation as informal mentors. Additionally, whenever I’m interested in another area of the company, it’s easy to grab coffee with someone to get to know more about them, their role and department.

Q: What was your first rotation?

A: My first rotation was in Internal Audit. It was a great start to my career at Allstate because I learned how the business operates as I participated in audits across the whole organization. Since each audit is different, I was continuously learning new processes and expanding my business acumen.

Q: What was your second rotation?

A: As a Staff Financial Analyst on the Brand Distribution in 360°Finance, I supported Allstate Life and Retirement. During my time on the team, the company was going through an analytical transformation, so my role had transitioned from primarily reporting to mostly performing analysis to answer business questions. That was exciting for me because I was working with others on different teams across finance to develop analysis to answer questions that we used to not have time to look into because the amount of reports we had to complete.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your third rotation?

I started my third and last rotation a couple of months ago in ATSV Finance. I am excited about my current role because this is my first opportunity to work in technology which is a field I have been extremely interested in given the transformative work Allstate is investing in. I am working a special project and the work has required me to use and expand my leadership skills and think more strategically in this fast-paced environment. I am looking forward to continuing to gain technology knowledge as well as helping to accomplish the project goals this special project is set out to achieve.

Q: What work are you most proud of?

A: During my first rotation, I fully led a regulatory audit including managing a staff, staying within budgeted hours, and meeting the time sensitive requirements. Not only did I feel that the person reporting to me continued to develop as an auditor, but I made improvements to the audit’s process and completed it before the deadline.

During my second rotation, there was a deck that a colleague and I worked on that we each spent a couple weeks every month on. I was able to automate and streamline all the files we used to update the deck, and now as a result, I completed the deck on my own in less than half the time which gave me additional capacity to focus on analysis.

Q: What values are important to you in a job?

A: Having autonomy, challenging work and leadership opportunities. I’ve been fortunate that I have had great experiences in all of my rotations. The teams I’ve been on have given me full autonomy to develop my own answers to business questions which has enhanced my creativity and encouraged me to collaborate across teams. I have also challenged myself to have complete ownership of my work to ensure we meet expectations and deadlines. All of my managers have prioritized my development and encouraged me to continuously take on more responsibility to prepare me to be a future leader.

Q: What qualities do people need to be successful here?

In finance, it’s important to be a curious learner − understand what the work you are doing means, why you are doing, and what the implications of your findings are. Also, you need to be able to work well on a team to develop the best results together. It is always more important for your team to succeed than just you individually.

Q: Outside of work you can be found doing?

A: I love to travel! I have family in California and Connecticut, but, if I’m not travelling, I can be found at the park with my fiancé, Connor, and my dog, Lola each day after work.

Fun fact: I’m getting married next month in Colorado Springs!

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