This is Shaun, a Big Data Developer with Allstate Technology and Strategic Ventures (ATSV) in Irving, TX. Shaun recently joined Allstate in early 2019 and is already an active contributor to the team.

When did you join Allstate?

I joined Allstate earlier this year in 2019 as a Developer for Claims. I am still in a similar role now, but we recently restructured to have everything in the same domain to build the systems needed and have developers cross train to do everything. The changes have helped us connect better with other teams to best utilize our skills.

What made you decide to join the company?

When I was in college, I realized that the biggest users of data science were insurance companies. I did my own research by looking over Allstate reviews on employer review sites. On there, I found out about Allstate’s Data, Discovery and Decision Science (D3) team and kept reading that Allstate was big on internal promotions, so I decided to apply there.

What work are you most proud of?

Two weeks into my employment with the company, there were some systems that the developers had been working on for over a year. At this point, I was still learning about the structure of Allstate and processing the new technologies that we would be working with. While we were reviewing the coding on one of the systems, I let them know that something didn’t look right with me. I helped them realize that there was an error in the code that needed to be changed.

What values are important to you at a job?

The ability to be open minded and to feel like what you do matters. You’re more likely to put in effort when you know that your ideas will be heard.

How do you experience those values here?

I notice that when I have an opinion or suggestion on something, the people are open to the feedback. I can go to any team to ask for help and they’ll offer assistance right away. I am also able to easily communicate with people in higher positions. They make sure everyone is heard and it never feels like one person is above another person.

What are your favorite parts about your job?

The community and environment here. We all push each other to try our hardest, which helps us hold each other to a higher standard. There is also a healthy work-life balance where we can usually take PTO whenever we need to, and we are rarely asked to stay late. Allstate encourages people to volunteer even during work time, which is unique for a company as big as us, but it shows the company is committed to its values

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Having initiative due to all the discussions you will have because it’s easy for people to listen, but sometimes hard for them to voice their ideas. You need to be able to present your ideas.

Any advice for someone who is considering working at Allstate?

What you put in to your work is what you get out of it, so be sure to always push yourself.

Outside of work you can be found doing?

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of classic and popular movies.

Fun fact:I recently had the opportunity to go to lunch with some of the team from Ireland and India. I got to learn about how cultures were so different when I explained to them what a quesadilla or tortilla was. This wouldn’t have been possible back then.

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