Amy is a Licensed Sales Representative in Pocatello, Idaho.

Q: When did you join Allstate?

A: I joined Allstate back in October 2012 as a Licensed Customer Service Representative where I helped with general policy questions. I then moved to Extra Hands team where I helped increase agency capacity, while helping to grow their business. Today, I’m a Licensed Sales Agent in the Idaho Customer Contact Center (CCC).

Q: What are your current responsibilities as a Licensed Sales Agent in the Extra Hands team?

A: As a Licensed Sales Rep, I specialize in selling insurance policies and aiding customers in finishing online quotes. It requires a lot of on-the-spot knowledge and expertise, since I am licensed in all 50 states and every state is unique in their own way regarding laws and underwriting guidelines. I am responsible for providing the best coverage to our customers, while delivering the value of Allstate. Our core value is to educate our customers and help them understand the importance of insuring and protecting their best interests and assets.

Q: What made you decide to join the company?

A: I worked at a restaurant prior to joining Allstate. Most of my coworkers left to join Allstate and would come to visit me during their lunch. They always talked about how much they loved it and made it seem fun. At that point I was 22, needed a change in scenery, and decided it was time to enter the corporate world.

Q: What’s different about Allstate?

A: When I come into work every day, I don’t wake up and dread it. Allstate isn’t your typical job. Everyone can be themselves at the office which makes it seem as if we are hanging out with friends as opposed to a job.

Q: What work are you most proud of?

A: I have won multiple awards including top sales person in the Idaho CCC every year since I joined 2 years ago. I am hoping to make it a third this year! Due to these awards, I was also nominated to represent Allstate at an event for the Best Places to Work in Idaho. I am also involved in training new hires and sharing tips with them on how to be successful in their new careers.

Q: What values are important to you at a job? How do you experience those values here?

A: Having work-life balance, a good work environment and being able to work with a diverse group of people. I enjoy the generous PTO, which is unique seeing that I work in a 24/7 customer service center. Everyone seems happy to come to work and that happiness spreads. This benefits us as the employees and the customers.

Q: What are your favorite parts about your job, the team, and the workspace?

A: There is always an opportunity for advancement. It is up to me of where I want to stop. We constantly have friendly competitions in the office that helps us to push each other and continue to be better in order to advance further in our career.

Q: What qualities do people need to be successful here?

A: They need to be self-motivated, self-aware and have goals of where you want to be in life. It is important that they are a people-person. You must want to help people and yourself.

Q: Any advice for someone who is considering working at Allstate?

A: Have a plan, stand out and come in with a passionate winning attitude.

Q: Outside of work you can be found doing?

A: For the most part I can be seen spending time with my family and dogs. We bought our first home, so I enjoy gardening and making it my own. I am a family-person, so you can see my doing a lot of outdoor BBQ’s and hosting family gatherings.

Q: Fun fact:

I love tattoos! I have quite a few myself. It allows people to express their life and values as art in a way that everyone can see it. I have been skydiving half a dozen times, scuba diving, and I travel every year with my family.

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