Meet Sintia, an app developer analyst in Allstate Technology in Charlotte.

Sintia wasn’t always in technology at Allstate. She started her Allstate career in the Customer Care Center in 2018 as a bilingual call representative.

“From day one, my manager, peers and mentors championed the opportunities beyond the call center,” Sintia said. “I loved helping customers, but I knew my aspiration was a role in the tech world. Using Allstate’s Tuition Reimbursement Program, she started pursuing her associate’s degree in software development online.

Sintia kept open lines of communication with her manager and mentors to continue her search. Finally, she came across one of Allstate Technology’s Immersive Training Programs, an 8-week opportunity in which participants go through intensive training for in-demand technology roles. Upon successful completion of the training program, participants are offered the opportunity to transition into a fulltime position in Allstate Technology.

“Since I was pursuing my degree, I decided to apply and was accepted,” Sintia said. Keeping her career goal top of mind, she discussed work responsibilities with her leader, which led to her ability to focus solely on the immersive training program for eight weeks.

“Learning a new technology role is like learning a new language,” Sintia said. “I felt behind at first, but I worked hard, and my cohort made sure I wasn’t left behind.”

Sintia finished the program and received an offer as an app development analyst.

“This role is a trifecta: I’m using my learnings from the TIBCO Immersive Program, building analyst skillsets and leveraging my customer service capabilities from my previous role in the CCC,” Sintia said. “I work closely with my manager to continue strengthening my skills and am almost done with my associate’s degree!”