Joe engaged employees in Data, Discovery & Decision Science (D3) and Finance to celebrate giving in the virtual environment.

My job as a project manager in data strategy is to represent the voice of the customer for the enterprise data platform as well as work with our Information Services Group partners to develop data solutions.

I’m also a Bring Out the Good month coordinator this year. I jumped at the chance to be an ambassador and organizer for Bring out the Good month because it’s always something I look forward to.

I like to brag about it and it makes me happy that I work here. Whenever Bring Out the Good month rolls around, it magnifies that. Knowing that this means so much to Allstate is kind of a calling card of the company and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

My group planned a trivia-at-home lunch this week as a means to get people engaged and thinking about Bring Out the Good month and hopefully donating to their favorite charities. We’ve traditionally done a trivia happy hour for our department in Northbrook for Bring Out the Good month. But when everything started happening with COVID-19 and we realized we weren’t going to be able to do a lot of our traditional events, we started exploring how we could do things virtually; trivia lunch seemed like the obvious choice since we don’t have to be all at the same place together. This is something we can do from home.

We’re not charging anyone an entry fee. We are plugging certain events and especially plugging the Allstate giving portal during the trivia lunch. In a fun nod to the Allstate Foundation’s 100% match of your personal contributions, one wrinkle we have during the game is that you can double your points once during any round you want as a way to keep engagement strong.

One of our participants from D3, Hailey, business analytics consultant, researched a lot of great virtual volunteering opportunities. She set up a standing time weekly for everyone from D3 to block their calendars and look at what ways you can volunteer for an hour.

You feel so helpless at times being asked to stay at home and wanting to do something. Seeing all of the ideas that have been generated within D3, and across all of Allstate, and the things we can do virtually has been inspiring.

It’s so easy to get down during these tough times, but having a company like Allstate that focuses on the positive and comes up with new ideas to bring some good back into the world is really encouraging and exciting to be a part of.