As the pace of change continues to accelerate, data and analytics are at the core of Allstate’s transformation.

Data and analytics play an integral role in driving innovation and transforming the products, platforms and services at Allstate. The Data, Discovery and Decision Science (D3) team is offering their annual Data & Analytics Week events in August—the first time the events are fully virtual. This year’s theme is illuminate, as all the offerings will shed light on how data and analytics decision-making are relevant in roles across the enterprise. The events will offer fun and interactive experiences to all employees who wish to participate.

D3 has hosted similar, onsite events in Northbrook over the past few years from which the idea for transitioning it into a virtual experience evolved, so employees in all locations could participate. “The theme of illuminate came from the vision that light goes in multiple directions. We want to create a sense of collaboration and build relationships in multiple directions from the sessions that will be offered about data and analytics. It’s not meant for our department to tell the enterprise how it should be used, but to provide methods on how to jointly understand it and make better decisions on their roles,” shares Sara, an analytic learning and development manager, who also helped organize the event.

Data & Analytics Week will be broken down into multiple virtual sessions throughout the week of August 3rd that will provide interactive ways for employees to stay engaged at different touch points each day. There will be exciting guest speakers and Allstate leaders providing industry knowledge on data and analytics for all attendees to use in their day-to-day roles. Here’s a sneak peek into the virtual schedule:

Allstate Chief Data Officer, Eric Huls will kick-off 2020 Data & Analytics Week. He’ll share more about what’s planned, how Allstaters can make the most of the week and launch the Good Decision Challenge, a series of on-demand learning activities that showcase how Allstate is using data and analytics to transform.

 The rest of the week will feature keynote presentations from special guest speakers and Allstate leaders and hands-on workshops to dive deeper into data and analytics topics.

 Allstaters will also be able to put data and analytics into action! During an interactive demo fair, they’ll learn more about the many ways data and analytics are being used at Allstate and be introduced to practical tools and resources they can use to develop their own skills.

 “No matter where you sit in the company, data and analytics are related to you. We want everyone to be able to walk away with actionable learnings on how to interpret them and use it to empower themselves to learn and develop critical skills for today and the future.”