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Air Force to Allstate InfoSec

Learn about Nathan's journey from the air force to Allstate's InfoSec department.
Headshot of Phyllis Higgins, President of Allstate Veterans Engagement Team & Supporters (AVETS) Employee Resource Group
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Making a Real Difference for Allstate Veterans

“Veterans bring a unique skill-set to this company, with the training and skills we’ve acquired in service to our country." -Phyllis, Management Consultant
Close-up of smiling male Allstater looking at the camera.
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Keeping Up with Change

Learn how Randy, Senior Compliance Manager at Allstate, helps Allstate stay compliant.
Smiling male Allstate employee working at his desk.
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From numbers to strategic decisions

Learn how Kevin, a Financial Manager for Allstate’s Protection Finance division, uses financial data to help Allstate grow.
Female Allstate employee sitting on a couch, smiling at the camera.
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Creating Your Own Path

Learn how Marline created a career path that matched her skills and passions.