Improvement and

Industrial Engineering Careers

If iterative learning and consistent improvement form the underpinning for your vision for tomorrow, there’s a place for you on our Continuous Improvement and Industrial Engineering teams.

We help Allstate run more efficiently, with better processes and more streamlined workflows, to ensure that the entire organization is functioning at its pinnacle of performance.

  • Our teams focus on opportunities to collaborate, influence, and coach.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to consult with different business areas and drive impact throughout the company.
  • In our Continuous Improvement (CI) group, you’ll use a hypothesis-driven approach to ambiguous issues using data-intensive analytical thinking, and you’ll conduct major diagnostic analyses and synthesize findings.
  • As an Industrial Engineer (IE), you’ll act as a project manager, a leader, a data scientist, a process expert, and a consultant. And while some companies only have one or two IEs, here you’ll work on teams to challenge and be challenged by a group of talented peers. In addition to efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and forecasting, we participate in strategic projects that influence core processes on a large scale.

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