Data Science & Analytics Careers

Data Science & Analytics Careers

Our job is different every day. New problems are always cropping up, and we’re always working on creative ways to solve them. We take pride in our unique culture, which is academically minded, collaborative, laid back, and flexible.

Our Start-Up Culture:

  • You can drive innovation in the company from Day 1.
  • We develop new ideas that change the business.
  • We build from the ground up to production.

An Emphasis on Learning and Collaboration:

  • We are a large group of diverse data science professionals that value teamwork and collaboration.
  • We share a strong spirit of collaboration and training.
  • You’ll find lots of different skills being applied in diverse problem spaces.
  • We embrace open development principles.
  • We’re always looking for best practices and techniques.
  • We contribute to the data science community outside of Allstate, too.

Cutting-Edge Research:

  • We make state-of-the-art data science applications.
  • We contribute to open-source communities.
  • We’re constantly looking for new machine learning techniques to improve our work.

Interesting Projects:

  • Insurance is complex: Pricing, Economics, Claims Operations, Fraud, Agency Operations, and Marketing.
  • We choose projects that make a big impact in how Allstate operates.

Commitment to Community Outreach:

  • We often pursue new ideas or outreach during time dedicated to learning new things and solving interesting problems outside of our day-to-day work.
  • We built machine learning tools for the City of Chicago.
  • We’ve helped optimize food inspections and tree removal response.

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