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Driving Efficiency Through Process

Helping Improve the Business

Meet Ana, a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant in the Industrial Engineering team!

Ana graduated from the Technical University of Madrid with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and attended Technical University of Madrid and Illinois Institute of Technology for a double master’s program in industrial technologies and operations. After graduating, Ana came across an Allstate Industrial Engineer Consultant job posting on LinkedIn and saw she had a connection with someone who was already working at Allstate on the Industrial Engineering team. Curious about what the job would entail and the company, she reached out to him to learn more about the opportunity. She really liked what she heard and here she is today three years later!

As a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant, Ana collaborates with internal business partners to promote operational change across the organization. She enjoys collaborating with stakeholders and providing direction as to where data analytics could be used to make key decisions. As a project manager within the team, she leads and manages teams of industrial engineer consultants to ensure project goals are being met.

“Being part of the Industrial Engineering team means helping different areas of the enterprise understand where they are now, where they want to be and creating an action plan on how to get there, always using a data-driven approach,” Ana shares.

Ana’s day-to-day work varies depending on her project work. Her favorite project so far has been the end-to-end customer journey for the Claims organization. The goal of the project was to improve the customer experience within the auto claims processes, discover efficiencies and maintain outstanding quality. This project was conducted following agile principles and leveraging a cross-functional team.

“Now is an exciting time to be part of Allstate because we’re hiring people with backgrounds in data science, artificial intelligence and robotic automation. We’re putting customers first by innovating in technology, simplifying processes and reducing costs in an environment that feels like a startup,” she shares.

Are you looking for a job where you can use your business and technical acumen to tackle business problems? Our Industrial Engineer team is hiring, check out our open positions.

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Create Impact with Allstate Management Consulting Services

Allstate’s Internal Consulting Team Drives Business Transformation

Did you know Allstate has its own internal consulting team?

Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS) is similar to an external consulting firm with Allstate employees working with different areas of the business as consultants, having full access to the team they’re supporting all the time and continuing to work together after the end of projects. Having the opportunity to work on a project end-to-end has been a huge draw for many of the team members as they’ve come together to create change for Allstate.

“We’re a special team because we all come in with such different experiences and backgrounds. We have tech backgrounds and sales backgrounds and psychology backgrounds. So not only do we all see things differently which helps to moves projects forward, we’re all constantly learning from each other,” Liz, a Management Consulting Expert, says of AMCS. “Our team is part of the corporate business transformation group,” Liz continues, “so we are working on big transformations and strategic changes happening across Allstate.” AMCS helps from brainstorming and strategizing all the way to implementation.

Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant, loves the work he gets to do as well as the team dynamic. “We are a team of curious learners and we have a wealth of knowledge. People who love to learn will feel at home on this team. We also have team activities spread throughout the year, such as professional cooking classes, group painting sessions and other team-building events. What more could you ask for?” he says.

Owen, a Senior Management Consultant, agrees that AMCS is full of self-starters who are ready to grow and lead. “Our team really takes time to help people develop around their genuine interests,” Owen says. Having been on the team for four years, Owen still sees an exciting future for him and AMCS. “We’re really shepherding Allstate into the future. We’re on the forefront of changes as thought partners and leaders. We don’t come into an area to do people’s work for them. We push them and facilitate real transformation,” he says.

Liz agrees, adding that by working with leaders all across the company, she constantly helps move the business forward while developing her own skills. “I’ve done external research, developed strategy, piloted projects, gathered data on performance, and made a global impact on Allstate,” she says.

Are you looking to take your career to the next level and create meaningful impact? View our open AMCS roles today.

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Improving Business Processes within Industrial Engineering

Improving Business Processes within Industrial Engineering

Meet Rey, a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant in the Industrial Engineering team!

Rey graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and minor in mathematics in 2013.

The Industrial Engineering team is known for improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity within and across business units through data-driven analysis. They promote internal operational change with an end goal of helping enhance our customer experience. As a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant on the team, Rey looks at a system and/or process, understands it and makes it more efficient and effective.

In his day-to-day work, he works as a project manager to ensure projects are going in the right direction and that client needs are being met. Rey enjoys interacting with key stakeholders face-to-face and building relationships with them all while doing something that’s really going to help the company in the future.

“The types of projects we get are very diverse. Each project is very different and unique, and you always have to come up with creative solutions backed up by data,” Rey says.

Projects can range from process improvement to developing business strategies, and can even include working with Encompass, Allstate Benefits and/or Esurance. His favorite project so far has been working on the future physical design of Allstate workplaces to be more conducive to the work being done in each area.

Rey has been with Allstate for a year now, and he enjoys the work/life balance, the company culture and the opportunities to give back. “If there’s a cause you support, Allstate can potentially be involved with. It also might sound cliché, but to me Allstate does seem like a big family. Everyone is working together to succeed,” he shares.

“If you like a challenge and think creatively, Allstate is the right place to be. It might not seem like it, but there is a lot of groundbreaking work going on,” he says. If you enjoy improving business processes, this may be the spot for you.

Check out our open positions within Industrial Engineering.

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Passion for Innovation and Impact

Creating Value from Intern to Senior Consultant

This is Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant in Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS)!

Jonathan’s Allstate career kicked-off with a summer internship in our Allstate Roadside Services team. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, he decided to join Allstate full-time as a financial analyst in our technology department where he worked on financial data analysis, creating plans and forecasting for our technology leaders.

Looking to continue to evolve his skills, he joined the Allstate Brand Operations as a Senior Consultant in Customer Experience. In this role, he used data and analytics to help improve Allstate’s customer experience. Wanting to take the impact he was making from customer-level to the enterprise-level, he decided to join Allstate Management Consulting Services last year.

“What renews my energy about my role in AMCS every day is the impact we create. AMCS fundamentally transforms the organization. It is incredible to be in the front seat of that change,” Jonathan shares.

One of his favorite projects so far within AMCS was Project Uber. Allstate partnered with Uber Technologies Inc. to bring end-to-end insurance protection to drivers and passengers in Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconsin. This experience exposed him to senior leaders across the enterprise and the cross-functional work that takes place to make new services come to life at Allstate.

Jonathan also has an entrepreneurship background and a passion for innovation, so much that he serves as a board member in business development for Intrapreneurs@Allstate (I@A). I@A is one of Allstate’s employee resources group (ERG) focused on creating an inclusive environment where employees with diverse, intrapreneurial thinking can foster innovation and contribute to Allstate’s business objectives. He’s been part of this ERG for over a year and really enjoys bringing innovation opportunities and resources to people across the enterprise to bring their ideas to life. Jonathan also leverages the Allstate’s Helping Hands program to volunteer for Urban Initiatives, an organization dedicated to inspiring youth towards success.

“Allstate cares about making you the best employee, value creator you can be,” Jonathan says. Are you ready to join AMCS? View our open AMCS positions.

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Impacting the Business

Owen Found Variability & Growth in AMCS

Meet Owen, one of our Management Consultants in Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS)!

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University in 2011, Owen joined the Allstate Leadership Development Program (LDP). As part of LDP, Owen rotated through different departments across the enterprise over the course of three years, building business acumen and developing his professional skills.

As his third-year rotation came to a close, and he started to look for a permanent job at Allstate, Owen learned about the AMCS department. AMCS is known for partnering with areas across Allstate to solve for strategic and operational challenges. His interest was piqued for similar reasons he was attracted to LDP – variability and growth. Owen was excited to learn that joining AMCS would allow him to solve complex problems, work with leaders across the organization on projects directly connected to Allstate’s long term strategy and help drive transformational change. Owen knew he found where he wanted to take his next step at Allstate.

“When I first joined the team, I was given the chance to truly sit at the table and weigh in on strategic decisions that can impact the whole enterprise,” Owen says.

Owen has now been on the AMCS team for four years and has found himself responsible for strategizing, brainstorming, piloting solutions, and implementing change. He enjoys the type of work he is doing along with the department’s (and Allstate’s) commitment to work/life balance. “Once I was established on my team, I found I had a lot of freedom to get my work done with my own style and pace – this may mean different hours, working remotely, finding what works best for you,” he says.

There’s a place for all different types of people and all types of career aspirations at Allstate. Are you ready to take advantage of one of Allstate’s many opportunities? View our open positions with AMCS and beyond.

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Continuously Improving

Continuously improving

Learn how Donna sustains change.

Continuous Improvement (CI) is a management system that aims to make changes and improvements so that employees who are on the front line in dealing with customers or agency owners feel empowered to make decisions and improve the business. Change agents physically go to each office to assess the health of that particular location and make changes based on need.

But what happens after the CI assessment rolls through an office? That is where the sustainability coach, like Donna, comes in to help and encourage them to be successful, by letting them know where they are at and where they need to be.

“We’ve got great leaders here at Allstate, and CI helps them go even further. Instead of putting a Band-Aid on a problem or rushing into a solution, we help them try to get to the root cause. It’s natural for people to think they know the answer to a problem, only to find themselves faced with a similar issue six months later. CI says, ‘let’s take a minute and get to the root cause, because we’re not solving the right thing,’” -Donna, Sustainability Coach

Continuous improvement is an ongoing strategy to ensure Allstate is delivering the best service. Learn how you can be a part of a team that constantly uses their problem solving skills.