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Employee Spotlight: Nick, IT & Security Audit Lead

From undergrad to Allstate, meet Nick an IT & Security Audit Lead

Tell us about your Allstate story.

After graduating from Iowa State University, I joined Allstate in June of 2018 as an IT Auditor in the Internal Audit department. Since my time at Allstate, I have had the opportunity to support the audit process by helping support and lead various technology and business area audits. Earlier this summer I was promoted to IT & Security Audit Lead where I became responsible for leading an audit engagement from start to finish which included ownership of audit artifacts, interaction with various senior leaders of Allstate and ultimately leading and responsible for the entire audit process from the cradle to the grave.

Why Allstate?

When I first graduated from college, I set out to find a company to work for that had a good culture. It was important for me to join a company where the people around you, including management, set you up for success, support each other, and provide many opportunities for growth. After joining Allstate, I quickly discovered that it is more than just an insurance company. Allstate provides opportunities to work with various emerging technologies, cybersecurity, IT operations, as well as a vast amount of data analytic opportunities.

What work are you most proud of?

I am probably most proud of the two projects that I am currently working on. I’m working as the project lead for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud security and governance audit where we’re reviewing the overall governance and security posture of the environment across the enterprise, in addition to other granular controls. I am also involved in performing a European Union General Data Regulation (GDPR) readiness assessment for one of Allstate’s subsidiaries. The goal here is to ensure sufficient controls are designed and operating effectively to ensure current processes abide by these regulations. It is so rewarding when outcomes from engagements such as these make tangible changes within a business or across the enterprise.

What are your favorite parts of your team?

My team truly promotes work-life balance and team bonding activities. For example, just this past year we have gone to a Cubs game, an architectural boat tour of Chicago, a scavenger hunt downtown, and a variety of other fun activities. I also enjoy the flexibility of working from home once a week or more if needed. Since I joined the Internal Audit team, I have traveled for audit work and learned more about some of our subsidiary companies such as Answer Financial in Los Angeles and Square Trade in San Francisco, in addition to attending a few seminars and conferences in other locations in the USA. 

How does Allstate support your development?

Allstate does a great job in supporting personal and professional development, including covering costs and time dedicated to professional certifications and exam prep materials. I recently received my AWS cloud practitioner certification after being involved in an enterprise audit engagement of Amazon Web Services. I thought it would be a great idea to add the certification to my background to support my development and continued education. I’m also currently wrapping up my Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) certification and plan to take the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) exam shortly after that.

How are you involved at Allstate?

I’m very involved in our Centers of Excellence (COE) teams within the department. Specifically, I am involved in three COE initiatives within Audit: Data Analytics, Fraud, and Process Improvement. It’s a unique opportunity to get involved in these and to learn from individuals who are very knowledgeable and have years to experience within these spaces. You can build your skills and participate in projects outside of your everyday work, which can help set you apart.

Outside of work you can be found doing?

I love hanging out with my friends and taking my motorcycle out on nice days.

Fun fact: I recently took a 10-day trip to Ireland and saw a Castle named the same as my surname. It was exciting to see since our family can trace our ancestry back to this area in Ireland. 

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