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Creating Your Own Path

Creating Your Own Path

Learn how Marline created a career path that matched her skills and passions.

It isn’t rare to hear the different paths an Allstate employee took to get to where they are today. Skills can often be transferable to and from different organizations, but Allstate truly understands that despite previous job titles people have held, they may have the right skills to be successful in a variety of roles. “I started out as a field property adjuster on the National Catastrophe Team right out of college in 2004. As an adjuster I had the opportunity to meet with our customers after some devastating losses to help them in the process of restoring their lives. I met with customers after hurricanes destroyed their houses and tornados left them with no homes. They were so grateful to have a compassionate ear to listen and helping hand to hold. That is when I knew Allstate is where I should be,” says Marline, now a Human Resources Talent Acquisition staff manager supporting the Claims organization.

Marline has held a variety of roles at Allstate. Those positions have helped her grow to the leader she is today, including a Talent Share opportunity Marline was a part of. A Talent Share is a temporary assignment where employees bring their own skills and competencies to a new team while developing themselves in the process.

“After two years of adjusting, I had the opportunity to serve in a Talent Share as a Catastrophe Administrative Manager. In this role I oversaw the daily administrative needs of our catastrophe office after Hurricane Katrina and was also responsible for all of the information technology equipment, compliance, and providing our contingent resources with access to our systems. A year later, I returned to the field as an adjuster and was involved with various projects and mentoring opportunities. In 2008, I became the training coordinator when the catastrophe team was growing by 200 people. I was responsible for the onboarding and training of the new inside and outside property adjusters. I created the curriculum and facilitated training classes for over 200 new employees. The following year, I became a Claims Service Leader with a team of 12 adjusters. I served in this role for four years and lead, inspired, and cultivated a high performance team environment to ensure consistent delivery of company initiatives, exceptional service, outstanding quality, and employee satisfaction. I then had the good fortune of going on [another] Talent Share assignment as a Continuous Improvement Change Agent and was a member of the team that pioneered this movement at Allstate. We partnered with external consultants to create a management system that empowers employees to improve the customer experience and business outcomes.” In 2014, Marline transitioned into the recruiting world.

Marline majored in Human Resources Management, and she was thrilled to have the opportunity to combine her studies with her knowledge of the client and its operation. Marline and her team focus on hiring internal and external candidates for the Claims organization. They work closely with the Claims teams to ensure we are hiring the best people for the jobs. Coming from Claims, Marline has a unique perspective that she uses to help her team be successful.

Working in Human Resources is different from being a Claims Adjuster but both require relationship management. Marline understands the importance of relationship management and is there to step in when needed. She understands that whether in working in Claims or Human Resources, customers should always feel like they are well taken care of. She knew Allstate was the right place for her when her personal purpose matched up with that of the company. “I enjoy working for Allstate because I hold the same values as the organization. I am truly committed to service. I love working on the Claims Talent Acquisition team because I have a connection to their purpose. It is incredibly rewarding to know that we are helping the company to thrive by finding the right talent to deliver on the promise that we sell to our customers when they need us most. We have a team of professionals who are genuinely here to serve and drive results. At Allstate, the possibilities are endless. The company has allowed me so many opportunities to grow and continues to invest in my development. I was able to complete my Masters of Business Administration with the help of tuition reimbursement. I find that I have good harmony between work and my personal life and in addition to all of that, I have worked with incredible people every step of the way.”

Marline, like many other Allstate employees, created her own unique career path that fits her skills and passions. Learn more about the different development opportunities Allstate has to offer.