Inclusive Diversity | Allstate – Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] GLENN SHAPIRO: Inclusive diversity is about being able to come to work as your whole self. And it’s also about us as a company leveraging all of the best ideas from all of our people.

Inclusive diversity aligns with Allstate’s core values, because we are the good hands company.

STEPHEN CORNEJO GARCIA: I have a very diverse background, a multiracial background. Some of my family is from Latin America. And some of my lineage is from Western Europe.

LINH LAWLER: I am a role model to our immigrant population, our refugee population. And to me, I take great responsibility in helping to advocate for them.

CHRISTY HARRIS: I married outside my race. And so I have two kids who are biracial. And that actually brings a whole different dynamic.

LISA JOYCE BANKS: Inclusive diversity to me is all about how we celebrate our differences.

EMILY MOORE: No matter where someone’s coming from, whether it’s their background, or their age, or their ethnicity, they have a unique perspective to bring.

GERARD GREGOIRE: At Allstate we focus on establishing a culture of inclusion, not just diversity. It’s about making sure that you feel included, that your voice matters.

CHRISTY HARRIS: Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs, are a huge component in leveraging inclusive diversity. Not only do they help recruit employees. They help engage them. They help develop them. And they actually help retain them.

MOHIT RANJAN: It’s about getting people who have some similarities in their profile together who could share, exchange their views. It’s a way for Allstate to actively encourage different points of views.

STEPHEN CORNEJO GARCIA: Diversity and inclusion is not something that everybody’s strength. It requires personal awareness and reflection.

It can be really hard to include everybody in solving a problem. Like what if they don’t want to bring their voice forward? How do you get them to talk? It feels good when you get there. But it’s not easy work.

GLENN SHAPIRO: Inclusive diversity is a competitive advantage, because we have to mirror the communities that we serve. And ultimately, when we have an engaged and passionate workforce, we’re going to serve customers better.

GREG BURNS: We always have an eye on inclusive diversity, whether it’s a supplier, whether it’s a new hire, whether it’s somebody internal we’re trying to promote.

LINH LAWLER: Inclusive diversity isn’t just about empowering our folks to have a voice. It is also bringing that into our solutions and our products and services.

GERARD GREGOIRE: We’re all inclusive.

CHRISTY HARRIS: We’re all engaged.

GLENN SHAPIRO: We’re Allstate.

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