Discover our innovative culture and build the future.

Discover our innovative culture and build the future.

To help our people thrive, we’ve created a culture that feeds big dreams, encourages collaboration, and treats everyone’s input and experience with respect. This is the place to do your best work, enjoy a balanced life, and use your energy to make good things happen in your community.

Good Work.

We believe good work becomes a reality when we all use and develop our passions, plans and potential for good—at work and in life.

Male and female Allstate employees working on paired programming together.

The Good Work Blog

Meet our people, hear their stories, and learn more about how they grew their careers at Allstate.
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Good Life.

Our commitment to helping our employees often extends into opportunities to pursue their passions, strengths, and personal goals at work and in their free time.

Group of Allstate employees in running gear, participating in a fundraising event.

The Good Life Blog

From our array of ERGs to our Energy for Life wellness program, we provide programs and benefits to help you thrive.
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Good Hands.

We offer opportunities for employees looking for new ways to get involved, and we encourage our people to continue giving back to causes they are passionate about.

Smiling, male Allstate employee holding a paintbrush in front of a half-painted wall.

The Good Hands Blog

Volunteering brings us together, connects us with our communities, and helps us leave the world a little bit better.
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