Discover a culture designed to help you thrive.

Discover a culture designed to help you thrive.

Allstate employees have access to an array of benefits and programs to help support their physical health, financial security, work-life balance—as well as their personal career development. In addition, we have a network of more than 200 wellbeing champions who are empowered to strengthen this important facet of our culture in our offices across the country.

Benefits for a Good Life

We know that when the rest of your life is running smoothly, it’s easier to focus on doing your very best work. So we have carefully curated a benefits package designed to assist eligible employees and their families, and make their lives just a little bit richer—now and in the future.


More information about these benefits can be found at The benefits described in this [article] are generally available to regular full-time and regular part-time employees.

Note: Some benefits described in this overview are subject to plan enrollment. The information presented describes only the highlights of the plans and programs and does not constitute official plan documents. Additional terms, conditions and eligibility requirements apply. If there are any discrepancies between the information contained herein and the official plan documents or policies, the plan documents and policies will govern. Allstate reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate the plans, benefits and/or programs at any time and for any reason. This overview is not intended to give rise to any right to employment, continued employment, or any benefit with or from Allstate. It is the policy of Allstate to employ the best qualified individuals for all jobs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, disability, and citizenship, status as a veteran with a disability or veterans of the Vietnam Era.

  • Medical – You can choose high deductible coverage under the Allstate Medical Savings or the Allstate Medical Value Plan (Kaiser high deductible coverage, or an HMO if you live in certain zip code areas).
  • Dental – Allstate offers a Preferred Provider Option (PPO) (or a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) if you live in certain zip code areas). Coverage includes certain preventive, diagnostic, restorative, reconstructive and orthodontic services.
  • Vision – Two coverage options provide for certain periodic vision exams – as well as eyeglass lenses, frames, contact lenses, and other options – up to a designated dollar amount.
  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – You can contribute up to $2,700 per year in pre-tax dollars to help pay for qualified health care expenses. For employees enrolled in most Medical Plan coverage options, this account is a Limited Use FSA and can only be used for qualified vision and dental expenses.
  • Group Critical Illness Plan – If diagnosed with a covered critical illness while you are enrolled, Plan helps offset the costs associated with the treatment and care of covered serious and/or debilitating diagnoses like cancer or heart attack.  You can also elect a coverage option that provides support if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness.
  • Group Accident Insurance Plan – If you are enrolled, Plan may pay a cash benefit in certain situations if you have an accident that requires medical care, such as a broken leg or ruptured disc.
  • Group Hospital Indemnity Plan – If you are enrolled, Plan may pay a cash benefit for the first day you are admitted to the hospital – and an additional benefit for each additional day you remain in the hospital up to the Plan maximum.

Career Development Opportunities

We dedicate extensive resources to developing leaders at all levels, whether they have direct reports or lead by taking the initiative. Some programs are available to all employees, while others are available to select audiences. Regardless of their role, all employees have a wealth of resources at their disposal.

Our Enterprise Talent Market philosophy and Talent Share programs support the internal advancement of our employees. We believe there is no better place to begin our hiring process than with our own people. When a position opens in any department across the company, any Allstate employee can apply.

A Talent Share is a short-term development opportunity designed to provide Allstate employees access to short-term business projects and developmental experiences. This type of assignment allows you to remain on your current team, while exploring other possible career paths, helping you strengthen and develop competencies, broaden your business perspective, develop cross-functional skillsets, and make better career decisions.