Our different perspectives strengthen our unique culture.

Our different perspectives strengthen our unique culture.

“Allstate is creating a work environment where diversity is valued, so all of our employees can reach their full potential. Without our diversity of culture, background, perspectives, and thought, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.”

-Christy Harris, Vice President Talent Acquisition & Inclusive Diversity

Allstate Asian American Network
African American Working Network
Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations
Allstate Foster and Adoption Network
Intrapreneurs @ Allstate
Parents Working Together
Professional Latino Allstate Network
Allstate Women's "I" Network: influence - innovate - inspire
Allstate Veterans Engagement Team & Supporters
Young Professionals Organization
  • At Allstate, inclusive diversity is one of our core values. Actively seeking out and leveraging our collective mixture of individual differences and similarities improves business outcomes for our workforce, the marketplace, and our communities.
  • As a company we are committed to holding each other accountable for creating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged and embraced.
  • Our commitment to inclusive diversity influences how we do business; it helps us connect with our customers and each other.

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