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Innovation Means More at Allstate

Innovation Means More at Allstate

Allstate’s Innovation team builds foundational platforms that can then be further expanded to create standalone businesses or completely reimagine a core business. They have the freedom to not only formulate solutions but to go on to prototype and build new products. “In my current role, Allstate presents excellent opportunity to challenge the conventional thinking and drive opportunities that impact multiple industries. Risk Map, consumer digital platforms, and Autonomous Vehicle Risk projects are some examples of initiatives that serve as avenues to reshape the future of Allstate in a major way” says Sunil, Director of Product Engineering & Data Research. Sunil takes pride in Allstate’s ability to take risks and to bet on the Innovation Team to drive all four pillars of a successful innovation strategy- Business Strategy, Technology, Design and Go to Market execution. Bev, an Innovation Manager, has been with Allstate for a number of years but feels like she is consistently doing something new. Bev sees Allstate as an evolving company and believes that if others could see everything the company is doing, their impression of Allstate being just another insurance company would change.

Allstate has always been a leader of change – from seat belts to teen driving safety – and the Innovation Team is the evolution of the organization. Allstate is committed to making sure changes happen in house, rather than having change happen to the company and being reactive. This proactive attitude keeps the Innovation Team engaged as they drive Allstate toward new technology and new products. Ann, a Design Strategist, likes that the team has a start-up feel, focused on future-oriented concepts around predictive analytics & big data but has the resources a big company offers to actually allow her to create “the next big thing.” All four leaders expressed the need for tenacity and comfort around working in ambiguity for their team to function. Jason, Director of Innovation Strategy & Product Management, went on to say the team is made up of individuals that want to “solve the unsolvable.”

Having left a different job that he truly enjoyed, Jason made the change after seeing the dedication Allstate has to consumer and product technology. “I didn’t appreciate how much innovation happens at insurance companies. There can be a misconception that insurance companies are rigid and slow to act. I would encourage people considering innovation jobs to look past those stereotypes to see what groundbreaking work we’re doing. A lot of it is just getting started. Get to know us and see what amazing stuff is going on.”

Check out our open opportunities to join leaders like Jason, Bev, Ann, and Sunil as the future unfolds on the Allstate Innovation Team.