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Allstate scores 100% on Corporate Equality Index

Allstate is proud to demonstrate LGBT+ inclusion through Corporate Equality Index

Allstate is proud to announce that we have scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign 2018 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Allstate was scored on detailed criteria falling under five broad categories: non-discrimination policies; employment benefits; demonstrated organizational competency and accountability around LGBTQ diversity and inclusion; public commitment to LGBTQ equality; and responsible citizenship.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) began issuing the CEI in 2002 to asses LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices at Fortune 500 companies. The assessment encourages corporate leaders to implement more tools and act on more commitments to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ employees. By scoring 100 on the CEI, a business earns the designation of “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” HRC saw a record-breaking number of high scores as more businesses have found ways to “show up” for LGBTQ equality.

Allstate has partnered with groups such as OutLeadership, Out & Equal, Lesbians Who Tech, and the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to continue increasing recruitment and retention of talented and diverse candidates. Allstate’s PRIDE employee resource group also helps create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. Learn more about the employee resource groups Allstate homes and find your place at one of the “Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality.”

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Allstate Recognized for Legal Diversity Commitments

Allstate earns Top Performer from Leadership Council on Legal Diversity

Allstate earned the distinction of “Top Performer” by the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) in late October. Allstate was one of 52 member organizations to receive the designation this year for its involvement and promotion of LCLD’s mission to build a more open and diverse legal profession.

The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) is an organization comprised of more than 275 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners who have dedicated themselves to creating a truly diverse U.S. legal profession. The Council collaborates with organizations and individuals across the country to attract, inspire and nurture young talent from diverse backgrounds and help set them on paths to successful legal careers.

Allstate’s Law & Regulation department offers a wide variety of opportunities for diverse legal professionals to develop their careers through rotational and multifaceted mentorship programs as well as ongoing education. Being recognized as a 2017 Top Performer Member Organization reinforces the Law Department’s dedication to professional development, diversity and inclusion.

Learn more about our Legal opportunities and apply today to join us.

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Diversity Best Practices 2017 Inclusion Index

Allstate has been named as a member of the Diversity Best Practices 2017 Inclusion Index.

“Diversity Best Practices, a division of Working Mother Media, is the preeminent organization for mid to large size organizational diversity thought leaders to share best practices and develop innovative solutions for culture change. Through research, resources, benchmarking, publications, and events, Diversity Best Practices offers organizational members information and strategies on how to implement, grow, measure and create first-in-class diversity programs.

Results from the Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index provide information to help companies understand gaps in demographic representation, and target their efforts to find and implement D&I strategies and solutions. The Transparency section represents 30 percent of the total score, and the Best Practices in Recruitment, Retention & Advancement and Company Culture sections represent 35 percent each.”

Inclusive diversity is a core value at Allstate and we’re proud to be one of the 33 companies that scored over 70% in the index. Our Employee Resource Groups, partnerships with organizations such as ASCEND, Lesbians Who Tech, and National Black MBA Association, veteran recruitment programs and workplace non-discrimination policies are just a few of the things that helped us to score amongst some of the best companies. We’re committed to ensuring employees of all backgrounds and experiences feel safe, welcomed and supported at Allstate. We strive to better our company and do so with thought leaders just like you. View our career pages to learn more about the different opportunities we offer and let Allstate help you succeed.

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Using Smartphones to Settle Claims

Using Smartphones to Settle Claims

Learn how Allstate is using technology to help customers faster than ever.

We understand that the claims process is not something that everyone looks forward to, especially after an accident, which is why Allstate has simplified the process with several product and service innovations.  It started back in 2013 with the launch of QuickFoto claim, allowing customers to submit photos of their damaged vehicle for auto claims via the Allstate Mobile App on their smartphone. Since then, Allstate has launched VirtualAssist, an app that allows adjusters to communicate in real time with body shops through video as well as Digital Operating Centers (DOC) around the county to expedite claim processing and repairs.

Kevin is a claims adjuster with in the DOC, and he is glad to be able to conveniently serve customers. “It’s really revolutionary. You used to have to make an appointment and then drive to the claim office. Now, you can start your claim in your short pants and flip-flops on a Sunday morning, or you can do it right then and there at the scene. So, it really gives customers a lot more freedom and flexibility.” Customers can link their bank to the app, so the payout can be deposited directly into their bank accounts. Not comfortable trying the app yet? No problem. Agency owners can assist with those who can’t use the app or submit photos via the app or we also have third party vendors that can come out and assist.

Understanding that a customer’s time is just as important as the quality of service delivered is essential. People expect things to be done faster than ever before, and Allstate is accommodating them.

“I love my job because I get to talk to and help a lot of different people. I make it fast and easy for large numbers of customers to take care of an unpleasant situation when and where it’s most convenient for them, and that feels good. I also love working at a place where the vibe’s just good.”

Kevin works in the Dallas, TX DOC, and Allstate has nine other DOC locations around the country in the following locations: Charlotte, NC; Denver, CO; Ft. Washington, PA; Hauppauge, NY; Largo, FL; Nashville, TN; Phoenix, AZ; Seattle, WA; Woodridge IL offering relocation to qualified candidates. If you’re looking to utilize your estimating experience while working with cutting edge technology, learn more about working in claims at Allstate here.

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Allstate Foundation Purple Purse

Ending Domestic Violence Through Financial Empowerment

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and at Allstate, that does not go unnoticed. In fact, it turns the spotlight on one of the causes The Allstate Foundation advocates for all year and coincides with the organization’s annual Purple Purse Challenge dedicated to raising funds to provide life-changing services for domestic violence survivors.

The Allstate Foundation, an independent charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of Allstate, committed to putting the company’s financial expertise to work to help end domestic violence and financial abuse back in 2005. That was the start of the Purple Purse program which is focused on ending domestic violence by addressing the financial abuse trapping 99% of victims in homes that feel more like prisons. In the past 12 years, the Foundation has served more than 1 million domestic violence survivors, guiding them to lead safer and financially secure lives.

Ellen, a senior manager who works specifically on Purple Purse, has seen the impact of the company’s involvement. When she started on the Purple Purse team, she admitted to not knowing a whole lot about the issue. What she has learned the most though, is that it’s happening everywhere. “It’s not always ‘over there’,” she says, “it’s happening to people we know. And, this isn’t just a ‘women’s issue,’ it’s a societal issue. As I’ve come to understand how pervasive domestic violence is, it’s obvious we can’t just ignore it. I’m lucky to be in the role I’m in because I can have an impact and continue encouraging public education and awareness around the issue.” Ellen feels proud of the work she’s doing, knowing that every day, she contributes to something so important.

Throughout the rest of the month, we will be highlighting stories related to Purple Purse and Allstate’s commitment to breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Look for the Purple Purse logo (image shown at top) throughout the month of October and check back weekly for our next story.

To learn more about the Foundation and the Purple Purse Challenge click here.

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Allstate Returns to Grace Hopper

Allstate is committed to the advancement of women in technology

Allstate is gearing up to return to the  Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world’s largest gathering of women technologists, beginning tomorrow.

This year’s event is being held in Orlando, Florida from October 4 through October 6, with more than 60 Allstaters joining the 15,000 conference attendees for three days of learning, networking and mentorship. The event is presented by the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology and the Association of Computing Machinery in honor of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, one of the first programmers in the history of computing. The conference brings the research, innovations and career interests of women in tech to the forefront and provides a platform for leading women technologists to share their experiences with younger generations.

Allstate is very excited to share how, together with their employees, they have evolved from a traditional insurance company to a leading technology company. The enterprise tech and innovation teams are developing new products and service offerings on an ongoing basis to better serve customers in the digital age, like Drivewise and Quick Foto Claim.

Two of Allstate’s top female technologists will be speaking at the conference. Darshana Shetty, an Oracle database administrator, will share her experience during the conference and Pat Coffey, the senior vice president of Delivery & Risk Management, will be the keynote speaker at Allstate’s networking breakfast.

Both Darshana and Pat view Allstate as more than just an insurance company. They recognize the critical value and important of being part of the Grace Hopper Celebration and promoting the ways technology is moving the company forward. Both are proud of the fact that Allstate was named among the Top 10 Innovators of the Decade by InformationWeek.

Driveristy is a hallmark of Allstate’s culture and, as female technologists, Pat and Darshana understand the importance of fostering diversity in the workplace. “Research has repeatedly shown that inclusive diversity contributes to both the satisfaction and engagement of employees as well as improved company results. The Grace Hopper Celebration creates an opportunity for talented women to learn more about Allstate’s technology innovation, commitment to inclusive diversity and community involvement,” said Pat.

Darshana adds, “We need to encourage more women to lead. To get the best results, a harmonious combination of differences is needed. When employees have equal access to opportunities and resources, they can contribute fully to the organization’s success.”

If you’re attending the Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando, please come meet Allstaters at Booth 1920. If you would like to learn more about technology roles at Allstate, please click here. Ready to apply? Join us today.

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Innovation Means More at Allstate

Innovation Means More at Allstate

Allstate’s Innovation team builds foundational platforms that can then be further expanded to create standalone businesses or completely reimagine a core business. They have the freedom to not only formulate solutions but to go on to prototype and build new products. “In my current role, Allstate presents excellent opportunity to challenge the conventional thinking and drive opportunities that impact multiple industries. Risk Map, consumer digital platforms, and Autonomous Vehicle Risk projects are some examples of initiatives that serve as avenues to reshape the future of Allstate in a major way” says Sunil, Director of Product Engineering & Data Research. Sunil takes pride in Allstate’s ability to take risks and to bet on the Innovation Team to drive all four pillars of a successful innovation strategy- Business Strategy, Technology, Design and Go to Market execution. Bev, an Innovation Manager, has been with Allstate for a number of years but feels like she is consistently doing something new. Bev sees Allstate as an evolving company and believes that if others could see everything the company is doing, their impression of Allstate being just another insurance company would change.

Allstate has always been a leader of change – from seat belts to teen driving safety – and the Innovation Team is the evolution of the organization. Allstate is committed to making sure changes happen in house, rather than having change happen to the company and being reactive. This proactive attitude keeps the Innovation Team engaged as they drive Allstate toward new technology and new products. Ann, a Design Strategist, likes that the team has a start-up feel, focused on future-oriented concepts around predictive analytics & big data but has the resources a big company offers to actually allow her to create “the next big thing.” All four leaders expressed the need for tenacity and comfort around working in ambiguity for their team to function. Jason, Director of Innovation Strategy & Product Management, went on to say the team is made up of individuals that want to “solve the unsolvable.”

Having left a different job that he truly enjoyed, Jason made the change after seeing the dedication Allstate has to consumer and product technology. “I didn’t appreciate how much innovation happens at insurance companies. There can be a misconception that insurance companies are rigid and slow to act. I would encourage people considering innovation jobs to look past those stereotypes to see what groundbreaking work we’re doing. A lot of it is just getting started. Get to know us and see what amazing stuff is going on.”

Check out our open opportunities to join leaders like Jason, Bev, Ann, and Sunil as the future unfolds on the Allstate Innovation Team.

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Air Force to Allstate InfoSec

Air Force to Allstate InfoSec

Why move from a start-up to a well-established large organization like Allstate? Nathan, Senior Manager Application & Cloud Security, shares his journey from military, to start-ups, to Allstate.

As a veteran, Nathan was used to high stress situations that came with little direction. He was skilled at looking for ways to solve problems and put out “fires” without a roadmap in front of him. The military taught him how to be hyper-focused and that military experience continues to help him solve exciting and demanding challenges at Allstate.

Emerging technologies, expanding teams and new jobs are all coming from Allstate’s digital transformation journey. As Allstate expands from a portfolio of insurance offerings, to a platform company, the opportunities are endless. Nathan has had the opportunity to be a driving force in Allstate’s Information Security initiatives for the past six months. After serving in the US Air Force for 8 years, Nathan got a job as a security analyst for the University of Oklahoma. He was able to apply what he had gained in the military to his security analyst role and to deep dive into agile software development.

Nathan moved on to the start-up world, gaining hands on experience of building security systems from the ground up. Start-up life provided the challenge he was looking for, but he quickly found that his passion was building and empowering whole technical teams to scale systems at a rapid pace.

Nathan saw the opportunity for building the next big thing and team at Allstate, but was surprised to find a start-up like, nimble environment within Allstate’s labs. He works primarily in the CompoZed lab, an area inside Allstate that focuses on information security & technology for the rest of the company. “CompoZed is like a start-up within the company, it’s influencing the larger Allstate and its proof that people within Allstate are willing to really look at trying new things. Allstate can’t afford to not be cautious but we also can’t afford not to change.” Nathan was attracted to the challenge but stayed for the value he was finding every day.

When asked why others should consider Allstate, Nathan was quick to share that “Allstate is on the verge of becoming a state of the art software company. You’re working on things that have never [existed]. It’s not compliance or police – we’re innovators, developers, engineers.” Check out opportunities to join Nathan’s team and other Information Security positions here.

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Making a Real Difference for Allstate Veterans

Making a Real Difference for Allstate Veterans

“Veterans bring a unique skillset to this company, with the training and skills we’ve acquired in service to our country.” –Phyllis, Management Consultant at Allstate

Every day, this passion drives Phyllis, a Veteran of the US Army Reserve, to innovate new ways to lead, grow, and develop the Allstate Veterans Engagement Team & Supporters (AVETS) Employee Resource Group. Her dedication to serving Allstate’s Veterans springs from her own experience, being deployed to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Storm for six months. There, she made sure supplies, food, and weapons were delivered where they were needed most.

Shortly after AVETS was founded in 2012, Phyllis learned of their mission to provide employees, spouses, children, and supporters of veterans with a forum to share common interests, identities, and Veteran’s issues, she was inspired to learn more, join the organization and get involved in any way she could.

As a perfect example of “leading from every seat,” she worked her way up from nonprofit liaison to Vice President. Now in her second year as the President of AVETS, she loves “having the opportunity to network with people throughout the company who support Veterans’ perspectives, helping us collaborate effectively and align with company objectives. I take pride in helping my fellow Allstate Veterans develop.”

“AVETS is almost five years old, and just in the last year, we’ve collaborated with HR and Claims to let our voices be heard about the importance of valuing Veterans working here and extending our hands to welcome more Veterans at Allstate.”

Allstate’s commitment to inclusive diversity means a lot to Phyllis, who tells us, “It’s been very fulfilling to work for a company where they value Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)! I’m passionate about leading AVETS, and it has allowed me to personally grow and utilize different skill sets.”

Phyllis proudly spreads the word about AVETS’ long list of impressive accomplishments. Her favorite highlights include the group’s membership doubling to more than 503 members in 2016, and the joint launch with HR of the PHQ (Military Status identification within MyHR).

AVETS is also dedicated to volunteering and community outreach. Last year alone, AVETS members participated in 862 volunteer projects, logging an impressive 7,237 total volunteer hours!

Congratulations, Phyllis, and best of luck as your team continues to expand AVETS presence in Allstate offices across the country and proudly lead Veterans here at Allstate!

Learn more about our support of Veterans and our variety of Employee Resource Groups at Allstate.

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Keeping Up with Change

Keeping Up with Change

Learn how Randy helps Allstate stay compliant.

At Allstate, we know compliance isn’t always a “fun” topic, but it helps us uphold our strong ethics. Laws and regulations must be followed in order to avoid unfair treatment or practices and of course to avoid any kind of legal action against a person or organization.

Randy, a Senior Compliance Manager at Allstate, strongly agrees that “compliance adds business value.” Randy oversees the regulatory compliance program, a big role since he works with the entire Allstate enterprise.

Just as fast as the rules change, Allstate must keep up with them and make sure every department is staying current. That’s why it is important for Randy to be knowledgeable in a number of different areas.

“Being a true compliance professional is a complex and interesting job because to do it well, you need to know a lot.” -Randy, Senior Compliance Manager at Allstate

Randy further explains, “You have to really know and understand the business model of the area in which you work to see how it’s impacted by the regulatory environment, and you have to know how to ensure compliance while also allowing for high levels of business growth. You also need to have some understanding of the technology systems that [support] your business area, so you can implement process changes that are required to bring us into compliance in the most efficient way. Finally, you have to understand how your area’s business and systems touch other areas to avoid unwanted impacts and/or involve others as needed.”

Randy likes the variety of work he does as it really keeps him on his toes. “We never know what new law is going to come up or what question or issue might arise from that.” Randy also knows that the work he does is valuable because it provides consistency and oversight to the compliance operation across the entire Allstate enterprise.

Learn how you can find a position where no two days are the same.