Owen Found Variability & Growth in AMCS

Meet Owen, one of our Management Consultants in Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS)!

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University in 2011, Owen joined the Allstate Leadership Development Program (LDP). As part of LDP, Owen rotated through different departments across the enterprise over the course of three years, building business acumen and developing his professional skills.

As his third-year rotation came to a close, and he started to look for a permanent job at Allstate, Owen learned about the AMCS department. AMCS is known for partnering with areas across Allstate to solve for strategic and operational challenges. His interest was piqued for similar reasons he was attracted to LDP – variability and growth. Owen was excited to learn that joining AMCS would allow him to solve complex problems, work with leaders across the organization on projects directly connected to Allstate’s long term strategy and help drive transformational change. Owen knew he found where he wanted to take his next step at Allstate.

“When I first joined the team, I was given the chance to truly sit at the table and weigh in on strategic decisions that can impact the whole enterprise,” Owen says.

Owen has now been on the AMCS team for four years and has found himself responsible for strategizing, brainstorming, piloting solutions, and implementing change. He enjoys the type of work he is doing along with the department’s (and Allstate’s) commitment to work/life balance. “Once I was established on my team, I found I had a lot of freedom to get my work done with my own style and pace – this may mean different hours, working remotely, finding what works best for you,” he says.

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