Kalpit’s Investments Journey

Kalpit is a member of our Investments Development Program (IDP), a three-year rotational program within the Investments department of Allstate. He is currently in his third year of the program and is working on the Risk and Return team for Allstate Investments as an Associate Analyst.

“Right now, I’m splitting my time between two sub-teams within Risk and Return, Risk Management and Quantitative Research. With risk, I help stay on top of current events to figure out how policy and events happening around the world (i.e. trade wars) will impact an industry we are invested in and ultimately our investment portfolio. In quant, I’m helping develop processes to pull in large amounts of data, make it understandable and make it usable. There’s a big push in the investments industry to be able to make this happen and Allstate wants to be on the forefront,” Kalpit says of his current work. Kalpit only took a few programming classes in college so this is a new, exciting space for him to be learning in. “I’m currently learning Python. The IDP has truly invested time in teaching me and developing my skills so I can not only help the business but grow professionally.”

 Kalpit graduated in 2015 from University of Illinois Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Like many recent graduates of college, he was not sure what he wanted to do in his career. When the opportunity at Allstate came up, he knew the chance to get into the Investments department and to be able to rotate to different teams was a fantastic opportunity to grow professionally. After meeting with four leaders who clearly communicated how committed they were to the IDP, Kalpit was excited to accept an offer to join the team.

 Starting on the public fixed income side of Investments and then rotating to the Opportunistic Investments team, Kalpit says his rotations exposed him to aspects of the investments world that he didn’t even know existed. “Allstate comes off as just an insurance company but honestly, when I got here, the first thing I learned was how forward-looking we are. I think it’s really rare for an insurance company to be as innovative as Allstate is,” he says. For the IDP in particular, Kalpit himself is on the forefront of the program. As one of the first two IDP participants, Kalpit is grateful that it’s continuing to gain attention. “The IDP is specialized and focused and it truly sets you up for success. I’ve been able to learn so much and meet so many smart, talented, reputable people and I don’t think I would have built such meaningful relationships anywhere else,” he says.

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