Mari Am Reflects on Her Time with SHPE

Allstate attended the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2018 National Convention. Read Allstater Mari Am’s reflection of her time there and why Allstate participated.

“In 2017, Allstate participated in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Convention for the first time. SHPE does a great job of empowering Latinos and Latinas to be innovators in the different engineering industries. I was lucky to have been nominated to attend and represent Allstate for the full convention. I was amazed at the great talent that the SHPE had at the convention. This was also my call to action, I was motivated to make sure that Allstate had a bigger presence in this convention in the next year. I noticed that I had a lot of information and knowledge to share at the next convention.

Fast forward a year, I was fortunate to present at the SHPE National Convention with my peer, Nery. We shared our knowledge on how to be successful in the first 100 days of a new job. Our goal was to help graduates, interns and professionals have information that will help them as they started a new job/internship. It was great to see how our stories could help others in their career growth. During the convention, we attended other workshops that were inspiring. It was very motivating to see other Latinos and Latinas succeed in their own industry and share their knowledge to graduates starting their journey.

The true aha moment for me was during the last day of the career fair. A freshman student, who attended our presentation, stopped by the Allstate booth. She let us know how much she enjoyed the presentation and how it really helped her have a better idea of what is to come. She was so excited and energized, it was contagious! For Nery and me, it was the validation that we needed. At the end of the day we can’t influence the 7,700+ people at the conference, but knowing that we impacted even one person, made all the hard work worth it.

During the convention, I felt very proud of Allstate for its innovation, technology and community outreach. Those were the main points that I talked about with the students and professionals that stopped by our booth. A lot of attendees asked, “How is Allstate a technology company?” I think I can speak for all of us in blue shirts at the booth, we felt proud and honored to talk about how we are using innovation and technology to help our customers when they need us the most; when it truly matters to be the good hands company.

Allstate’s participation at SHPE allowed me to share my experience and pay it forward to my community. There is no better feeling than helping others succeed.”

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