Melissa’s advice to new grads

Learn why Melissa took a chance on Allstate.

Are you a soon-to-be graduate, but still not sure what exactly you want to do? Allstate offers a number of development programs to grow business skillsets. These opportunities also provide the opportunity to learn various parts of the business.

“Allstate is a fantastic company to work for a new grad. Research how involved we are in the community. Take a look at the diverse group of employees we have and the perspectives they bring. Ask us about where your career can take you and how every employee is encouraged to lead from any seat. My advice is take a chance at Allstate. I have taken advantage of all the resources available here to grow my skillset and develop into the person I aspire to be. I started here after college three years ago, and I have had more opportunities and visibility than any of my other classmates.  I have a voice, and I have a purpose to connect the work I do to our customers. I am valued for the perspectives I bring, the ideas I have and the knowledge and skillset I deliver to my team,” says Melissa, a participant in the Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP) starting in 2013.

Our unique development programs are designed to accelerate your growth and build your leadership skills through rotational assignments, formal mentoring relationships, and learning conferences. More specifically, the Technology Leadership Development Program that Melissa participated in builds versatile technology leaders by providing cross-functional experience through three rotations in different areas of the organization. Two rotations take place within our technology organization, and one rotation aligns to a specific business area outside this group (Claims, Sales, Marketing, Product Operations, etc). So you’ll be exposed to our technology operations while you build your business acumen and leadership skills.

You’ll see Allstate from three perspectives, while building stronger networks and gaining a better understanding of how the company functions as a whole. Your assignments will involve people management, financial management, project management, client-facing work, operations, strategy, change management, and technical skills development.

“Allstate is not one of the companies I initially applied to when looking for my first job. My degree of study was in technology, and I had gone the typical route of applying to companies in the technology industry because that is what I thought made sense. I was approached by an Allstate recruiter to apply to the leadership program and after learning about the value that it would bring my career, I allowed myself to give the insurance industry a shot.” -Melissa, Business Analytics Consultant

Melissa spent her first rotation as an Information Analyst. She developed close relationships with business partners and communicated information and needs for different projects. She then moved into a Claims Process Expert position focusing primarily on the customer experience. Here she worked with claims leadership to develop and implement different strategies to improve customer satisfaction. In her third and final rotation, Melissa was a Delivery Leader for Agency Facing Technology. In this rotation, she worked on a cross-functional team with Allstate Northern Ireland and drove the successful delivery of new technology to agents throughout the United States.

At the end of her three rotations, Melissa permanently joined Allstate’s Data, Discovery and Decision Science team as a Business Analytics Consultant.

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