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Mark, Finance Development Program (FDP)

Mark is a second-year participant of the Finance Development Program (FDP) and is currently a Consultant on the Corporate Development team. He graduated from DePaul University with a major in finance.

The Finance Development Program is a three-year rotational program. It consists of three one-year rotations within our One Finance organization (360°Finance, Investments Finance, Audit, Corporate Finance, ABO Finance and more).

Q: What attracted you to Allstate’s Finance Development Program?

A: I loved the idea of rotating through different areas of the company within the Finance organization. With each rotation you can build different skills, meet new people and develop into a more well-rounded employee at Allstate.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the program?

A: Something really cool about FDP, is that you’re starting your career at Allstate with a built-in network. I have a cohort of other FDP participants who have similar experiences as me and we’re on the same boat learning and navigating Allstate together. On top of this, we also have the Leadership Development Program participants as a network we can connect with.

Q: What was your first rotation?

A: I was an analyst on the Private Assets team where I helped aid in the finance and accounting functions for private investments. My team supported our Portfolio Managers with reporting of the performance and returns of our private assets, helped with the strategic and operating plans for performance-based investments, as well as general advising on deal structures, execution of accounting procedures and operations.

Q:  What are your favorite parts about the team?

A: I’m surrounded by very intelligent coworkers and it’s motivating being around them. They’re continuously learning and developing themselves whether it be grad school, certifications, or challenging themselves with new work. It’s also an encouraging environment to learn and ask questions. We also do some fun things outside of the office like happy hours, golf outings and attending Cubs games.

Q:  What are you looking forward to in your second rotation?

A: I’m excited to build new relationships with those on my team and add to a set of skills I’ve been able to acquire in my first role. Taking on a different role makes it easy to learn something new and challenge yourself.

Q:  What values are important to you in a job?

A: Work/life balance, learning and development, and meaningful work.

Q: How do you experience them at Allstate?

A: Leadership shows you that work/life balance is important, and everyone believes in it here. Learning and development are a huge part of the Allstate culture. As part of the program there are two formal learning conferences each year, and outside the program there are opportunities to learn throughout the year via Global Learning Day, workshops and online curriculum. From the start of my career at Allstate, I’ve been engaged in meaningful work and I know I’m contributing to Allstate’s bottom line.

Q: What qualities do people need to be successful here?

A: Being able to build relationships is huge because no matter what work you’re doing, you will be interacting with a lot of individuals within your team and outside. You’re constantly building your network, especially as you rotate through the program. The other thing is being open to feedback. There are always things you can improve on and acknowledging those areas that you can improve is important.

Q: Outside of work you can be found doing?

A: I enjoy working out, trying out new restaurants and spending time with family.

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with the Cubs! (No, I’m not a bandwagon fan.)

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