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Allstaters Inspire New Voluntary Pandemic Medical Time Policy

Allstaters inspire a new Voluntary Pandemic Medical Time policy in order to give back.

As the demand for additional health care workers grew at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryan, catastrophe claims adjuster, answered the call for volunteers with medical training.

Bryan, who spent 10 years in the Navy as an EMT firefighter, is one of three Allstate employees with medical backgrounds who volunteered. He also helped inspire Allstate’s new Voluntary Pandemic Medical Time policy, which provides up to six months of leave to employees who are certified medical and/or emergency personnel. It also provides supplemental pay to cover any pay differentials.

“A policy like this wasn’t actually on our radar screen until employees stepped up and said, ‘Hey, I’m licensed. I think I could really help. Will the company support me in doing this?’” said Carrie Blair, Allstate EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer. “We felt that now, more than ever, is the time to empower our employees to come together to help fight this global pandemic, and the team quickly worked to bring this idea to life.”

Bryan said he was “blown away” by how fast Allstate moved and is proud to have helped pave the way for other Allstaters with the required medical background to join the fight against COVID-19.  Five percent of Allstate’s workforce in the United States are certified as medical personnel.

“I feel this will be a policy that stands forever now. You can compare it to being in the Reserves,” said Bryan. “You don’t have to worry about your one weekend a month or two weeks in the summer. It’s automatic. They give you the time off, and you come back to your job when you’re done.”

Bryan said he appreciates everything Allstate has done to support customers and communities, including the Shelter-in-Place Payback, special payment plan and other consumer efforts. “But they’re also willing to give employees who want to help fight the coronavirus a stress-free environment.”

“It’s hard to see the health care workers – the hours they’re working. You can just see how tired they are on their faces. It’s heartbreaking,” said Bryan.

And if something else ever comes up and medical volunteers are needed, he adds, “People here at Allstate will have that ease of knowing they can come forward and volunteer – and not worry about anything.”