Trina is a Full Stack Software Managing Engineer who works in the Claims Tech Solutions team where they build products for our customers to use during their unexpected times of need.

I joined Allstate in 2012 as a System Analyst having a couple of years of experience in similar roles. In 2016, when Allstate established their paired development teams, known as CompoZed Labs, I saw an opportunity to transform myself with the Claims Tech Solutions Team as a Full Stack Software Engineer. I was recently promoted to Managing Engineer where I can continue to do what I love as a Software Engineer, while also helping to recruit new talent, mentor our junior software engineers, be the technical lead in the products we build and help to promote a culture of innovation in our labs.

There were several things that drew me to Allstate, but the biggest one was the diversity of opportunities the company offers. At Allstate, I saw an ability to build a career of continuous learning and growth, where I could be constantly challenged and allowed to reinvent myself. The tools that our team creates are what help customers get through the difficult times that they did not expect. I’m proud to be part of a team that can make a difference in some of our customers’ toughest times.

Our main goal in Claims Tech Solutions is to support Allstate’s claims business. When we partner with claims, we look at the current business flows and build solutions that will innovate and improve the products and services we offer our customers. We use technology to create solutions that will enable this transformation and help make the process easier for our customers and the claims groups.

Empathy is at the core of everything we do, which is also why I feel so lucky to be working in my current role.  Every day, I come in to work and interact with my teammates where empathy shines and becomes a force multiplier not only of what we deliver, but in the amount of growth we have and how we develop products.  We try our best to put ourselves in our customers’ and user’s shoes to build an experience that not only allows the customer to get their needs addressed, but also an experience that delights.

I love pairing with my teammates and problem solving with my product team. One of our core principles, continuous growth and development, really shines through in the way we work. We rely on each other within the pair, team, organization and within Allstate to find the best solutions to problems that we encounter. Knowledge sharing is in our DNA, which just naturally elevates the quality of work that we produce as an organization, while helping us in our own personal development.

Allstate is an excellent company that has provided me with multiple opportunities to transform myself. In the past eight years, it’s given me the tools needed to evolve in my career as I was going through different milestones in my life.  They have let me balance the major changes in my life when I had my kids and when we moved homes. When I first joined in 2012, I was five months pregnant with my second child, yet the support I received from the hiring manager and team was enough validation that I made the right decision to join. Even during this current COVID-19 situation where we are working virtually, our Claims Tech Solutions organization has setup ceremonies that allow us to have frequent virtual touch bases. We have morning stand ups, end of day conversations and establish weekly knowledge transfer sessions.

I would without a doubt, recommend anyone to join Allstate. As long as you are looking, you will find the resources and coaching to help you expand in your career path. I am truly thankful for the work-life balance that’s been the foundation to eight years of continuous growth for my career and personal development.

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