5 Ways to Maximize Your Summer Internship

2020 Actuary Intern, Ranya, is preparing her workspace for the day.

It’s finally summer, your work materials came in the mail, you’ve chatted with HR, virtually met with your manager (and other interns along the way!), and now it’s finally happening- you’re starting your summer 2021 internship! The nerves are setting in and you’re wondering- now what?

How can you make the most of your summer work experience? The professional environment can feel different from university life, but don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered! Look through these 5 tips to help you maximize your summer work experience.

1. Create your space

Whether you find space on your family’s dining room table, in your dorm room, in a home office, or a shared space with other family members, it is important to create a space that works for you! What matters is that you form an environment that provides you the right level of productivity and energy to stay ready for the workday ahead!

Some suggestions on creating your space: bring in nature, decorate a wall or other small section with your unique personality, adjust the lighting to provide the right level of comfort for you, or even have some snacks and water nearby!

2. Immerse yourself in company, office, and team culture

At Allstate, we value every employee and pride ourselves on giving Allstater’s the opportunity to make an impact, while supporting to help you live well in all areas of your life!

Utilize video chats and other methods as a way to communicate! This is a great opportunity to learn more about different career paths, get advice and tap into other people’s networks. Participate in team and program activities as best you can, including team chats and connecting individually with colleagues.

Lean on your buddy and manager to understand culture. An internship is an opportunity to learn – don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know your new company and its wonderful culture!

3. Set goals and expectations

It is always a good idea to meet with your manager weekly or bi-weekly during your summer internship to discuss expectations. Take the initiative to reach out and confirm that putting some time on their calendars would work for them. Come prepared with some agenda items to ensure you receive the information you’re looking for too. Make sure you request feedback throughout your internship to get the most out of your experience. Reminder that your goals should be aligned to what you want out of your 2021 internship!

4. Get involved with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Companies are recognizing that Employee Resource Groups, aiming to foster a diverse, inclusive workspace aligned with the organizations they serve, are vital to an employee’s professional and personal development! At Allstate, we have 12 ERG’s that provide an open forum where Allstate employees with a shared interest aspire, develop and collaborate.

Becoming a member of at least one ERG is a great opportunity to develop your career, create lasting mentor and work relationships, and broaden your understanding of a company and their overall culture. Visit this link to learn more about Allstate Employee Resource Groups.

5. Cut yourself some slack

Although we’ve all been living in a full virtual environment for some time now, it can still be a big adjustment to work virtually in a professional work setting, but don’t worry! You can ask for support from your manager, mentor, program lead or other interns! Don’t forget to take a break from the computer screen, get a quick snack or beverage of choice, or take some time to enjoy the outdoors; whatever works best for you! In the end, the most important thing is that you feel great about the work you do and have fun in the process.