Having a Front Seat to Allstate’s Sustainability Story

As a manager on the Sustainability team, Scott has a unique appreciation for how much Allstate’s work on sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues can make a difference – for the business and in the world. Scott helps tell Allstate’s sustainability story to a range of stakeholders – making sure they also understand how it connects with the company’s broader strategy.  

We sat down with Scott to learn more about his role and Allstate’s sustainability efforts. Check out his interview below:

What is Allstate’s sustainability work focused on now?

We’re always paying close attention to what our key stakeholders – employees, investors and customers – are focusing on. Right now, the big areas for those stakeholders are climate change mitigation, inclusive diversity and equity, employee well-being and safety, customer-centric and responsible products, responsible investing, and privacy and information security. 

How does your role fit in with all of that?

My work is largely around capturing information so we can tell as accurate and holistic a story as possible to employees, investors and customers. I’m working very closely with partners across the enterprise to capture information to present through our different reports. I really would categorize my work as relationship-building more than anything. For example, I don’t own data protection, so I rely on data protection partners to provide the information, and then our team figures out how to present it in a way that resonates with people who are looking for that information.     

What energizes you most about your role?

​​​​​​​What I love is that Allstate is such a big brand with so much credibility in the marketplace that we really have the power to make a big difference. There’s so much opportunity at the intersection of strategy, societal impact and ESG or sustainability. So really, just having a front seat to it all is what energizes me.

What would you highlight about this year’s Sustainability Report?

We’ve pulled out some key topics that we know stakeholders are interested in. These topics include Our Shared Purpose, climate change, governance, data protection, and employee well-being and safety

We also have new stories. These are the first-person anecdotes and narratives that help to bring some of the content off the page and to life. We know this resonates with audiences as well.

To learn more about Allstate’s sustainability efforts visit: https://www.allstatesustainability.com/ 

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