Coding our way to business decisions

Learn how Patrick works with data to make an impact.

Allstate is a data-rich source, being an 86 year-old company. We mine through that data to make strategic decisions that will help all areas of the company. To most effectively collect, interpret and utilize this data, it is up to people like Patrick, a Data Analytics Engineer. He explores new technologies and writes code in order to get the most out of the data.  “As an engineer at Allstate, it’s nice to know that you are making a direct impact within the business that you’re supporting,” says Patrick. The results that come from data are factual, not guesstimates, and the impact it has for the business is critical. It can impact many parts of our business, such as HR, Product & Pricing, and Claims, just to name a few.

Patrick enjoys his team’s hands-off management style. They are allowed to accomplish tasks using their preferred work style and programming language.

“I’m excited about Allstate’s vision to make the company the place to work for analytics and predictive modeling.” – Patrick, Data Analytics Engineer

Allstate prides itself on empowering employees to lead and be creative, regardless of their role.

Learn how you can develop data-driven analytic solutions to help Allstate succeed.