A Network of Talent

Learn about Megan’s career development opportunity.

Have you ever thought it would be cool to try out a new job that you did not know anything about? Or try out a department that you are not familiar with? Allstate offers a Talent Share program where employees can learn more about something new by participating in temporary assignments that can last anywhere from three month to nine months. These Talent Shares are part-time or full-time opportunities where employees bring their own skills and competencies to a new team while developing themselves in the process.

Megan was in a trainer and facilitator role within Allstate’s Talent Acquisition team when she decided to participate in a Talent Share on Allstate Foundation’s Corporate Philanthropy team towards the end of 2016.

“I didn’t feel I had a robust network within the organization to proactively identify my next opportunity. A Talent Share opportunity gave me the chance to apply my knowledge and skills within a new department to see where potential next opportunities might exist,” says Megan.

With so many options for the next step in her career, Megan was excited to have the chance to test out a new area. Megan enjoyed her Talent Share so much that when a permanent opportunity on the Allstate Foundation’s team became available, she did not hesitate to apply and was granted the opportunity to work on this team permanently. In February 2017, she started in her new role. “I know my new manager feels like the Talent Share program is to thank for identifying me as a great candidate. Whereas she might not have considered me if she only saw my application,” explained Megan. This is just another way that Allstate supports the Good Work of its employees and provides opportunities for its employees to grow.

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