A passion to give back

Learn how Jane gets involved in her community.

Everyone knows the Allstate slogan: “You’re in good hands.” What do the words Good Hands mean to Allstaters though? It is more than just a slogan. Allstate prides itself in giving back to the community and supporting volunteering for a variety of causes and organizations, so there is something out there for everyone. Allstate even has an internal “Give Back Portal “that helps employees keep track of their volunteer hours, find volunteer events, and share volunteer opportunities. For every 16 hours an Allstate employee volunteers with a certain organization within one year, that organization is eligible to receive a $500 grant! Allstate also dedicates the month of April for “Bring out the Good Month” where there are extra individual and team volunteer opportunities.

Jane, a Communications Manager with Allstate, volunteers her time for underprivileged youth and families at Breakthrough Urban Ministries in Chicago. Breakthrough serves an astonishing 70,000 meals to the homeless every year thanks to a network of 1,600 volunteers.

“I wanted to get involved in something that was familiar to me: volunteering. Breakthrough has truly become my home away from home.” -Jane, Communications Manager at Allstate

Volunteering gave her an outlet to not only give back to the community, but also served as a way to build connections and network with like-minded people. There are many Allstaters like Jane that truly enjoy giving back and making a difference.

Learn how Allstate supports its employees’ passions through volunteering.