Improving Business Processes within Industrial Engineering

Meet Rey, a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant in the Industrial Engineering team!

Rey graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and minor in mathematics in 2013.

The Industrial Engineering team is known for improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity within and across business units through data-driven analysis. They promote internal operational change with an end goal of helping enhance our customer experience. As a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant on the team, Rey looks at a system and/or process, understands it and makes it more efficient and effective.

In his day-to-day work, he works as a project manager to ensure projects are going in the right direction and that client needs are being met. Rey enjoys interacting with key stakeholders face-to-face and building relationships with them all while doing something that’s really going to help the company in the future.

“The types of projects we get are very diverse. Each project is very different and unique, and you always have to come up with creative solutions backed up by data,” Rey says.

Projects can range from process improvement to developing business strategies, and can even include working with Encompass, Allstate Benefits and/or Esurance. His favorite project so far has been working on the future physical design of Allstate workplaces to be more conducive to the work being done in each area.

Rey has been with Allstate for a year now, and he enjoys the work/life balance, the company culture and the opportunities to give back. “If there’s a cause you support, Allstate can potentially be involved with. It also might sound cliché, but to me Allstate does seem like a big family. Everyone is working together to succeed,” he shares.

“If you like a challenge and think creatively, Allstate is the right place to be. It might not seem like it, but there is a lot of groundbreaking work going on,” he says. If you enjoy improving business processes, this may be the spot for you.

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