Allstate fosters a culture of personal growth and development. Danny’s career journey is a prime example of it!

When did you join Allstate?

I joined Allstate about eight years ago as a Claims Adjuster. Today, I am a Release Train Engineer where I manage the agile space.  I am responsible for facilitating communication and aligning agile teams to deliver value to the organization.

What made you decide to join the company?

In the beginning, I wanted to find a job with a big corporation. I had a friend that worked as an adjuster for Allstate and decided to join. I know I had to start somewhere to get my foot in the door.

What’s different about Allstate?

The size of the company and its flexibility. What I mean by flexibility is that you can move anywhere in the company, even if it’s outside your normal job family. In addition, Allstate provides a great work-life balance.

What work are you most proud of?

A lot of the work we do is with the Underwriters. The enhancements we’ve made to the Underwriter platform to make it easier for them to analyze risk and establish pricing makes me most proud.

What values are important to you at a job?

Empowerment. I like the fact that I can do what I think is right and lead with that idea.

How do you experience those values here?

I have freedom and have had the opportunity to work with great managers. They don’t micromanage and support my ideas.

What are your biggest motivators at work?

The fact at the end of the day, we are making a difference for the customers. By helping the underwriters, we are in return helping the customers. Everything is connected and all the projects I am a part of have a major impact for everyone.

What are your favorite parts about your job, the team, and the workspace?

I like the fact that I work with people all over the world. This includes Ireland, India, and various parts of the U.S. By building and learning about all the different cultures and values from each region, we get to grow together.

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Grit and drive because sometimes it’ll take time to learn things. At Allstate, you need to have the drive to always want to improve and learn more for yourself, your team and your customers.

Any advice for someone who is considering working at Allstate?

Don’t limit yourself to one position at Allstate. You have the opportunity to move wherever you want and remember that just because you don’t get a call back from one position, it doesn’t mean you won’t get called back from another. Recruiters will work with you to find different positions so be flexible.

Outside of work you can be found doing? 

I love traveling. This year I’ll be going to Australia!

Fun fact: I learned how to cut my own hair, so I have not been to a barbershop in about 15 years.


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