Alexis joined Allstate after graduating from Tulane University last year.

Tell us about your Allstate story.

After graduating last year, I joined Allstate in June 2018 as a Staff Internal Auditor. I have had the opportunity to support operational audits across different areas of the enterprise including Marketing, Allstate Dealer Services, Allstate Personal Lines, Allstate Billing Insurance, SquareTrade and Allstate India. In addition to audit work, I have contributed to my department by helping develop and lead a new onboarding program for new hire development. In the past year, I have been given opportunities and support to grow as a project leader and was recently promoted to Lead Auditor.

What made you decide to join the company?

It’s interesting because I don’t have an audit background, but I felt like my unique perspectives would be appreciated in my department and at Allstate. The reason Allstate stood out to me is that there are so many opportunities within the company. My team is invested in my long-term goals even if those goals consist of exploring different areas of the company. There’s also a lot of pride around working for Allstate that I have experienced from many long-term Allstaters. There are people I’ve met who just started after college, people who are starting their family and people who have been at the company for 30 years!

What are your favorite parts about your job, the team, and the workspace?

Our team is very collaborative, and it always makes projects more interesting by having everyone work together. It also doesn’t matter what position you are in, you always have a seat at the table. The team is invested in helping you accomplish your long-term goals. If I have an interest in investments or marketing, I know my team will connect me with someone in that area or place me on a project in that area. There is also a huge focus and support on development, whether it’s pursing your MBA or a certification. I’m currently pursing my Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification and I’m considering starting a part-time MBA program in the spring and my team is supportive of this.

What work are you most proud of?

The work I’m most proud of is the contributions to the projects I have been placed on. Seeing things that I did on day one published in the final audit report is a great feeling of accomplishment. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel for audit engagements, and it is always a feeling of pride to represent Allstate and my department. In March, I traveled to Allstate India for two weeks to analyze the business operations and it was very interesting to learn how Allstate operates globally and to see the bigger impact.

What values are important to you at a job?

Making an impact to my company, contributing to my team overall and ensuring my role fits into my long-term career goals are values that are important to me. I experience these values at Allstate because I know my work contributes to the well-being of the company and that it makes an impact whether it’s to an existing or future process.

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Creative thinking, adaptive work ethic and problem-solving skills. If you’re interested in looking at a large company through various lenses that helps you in your career, Internal Audit is the place for you.

Any advice for someone who is considering working at Allstate?

Do it! Allstate is a really great place to figure out what you want to do and a great place to work whether you are just starting your career or further along in your professional journey.

Outside of work you can be found doing? 

Planning my next trip! We have a very generous PTO policy, so it helps with traveling.

Fun fact: I’m deaf in one ear, I have visited five different countries in the last six months and have plans to visit another six countries in the next six months!

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