It’s an exciting week at Allstate. This is our first ever Global Learning Week. Global Learning Week focuses on continuous learning and development, while providing employees opportunities to hear from speakers who are experts in a variety of different fields.

Global Learning Week is part of Allstate’s culture of learning and supporting employees’ development. Allstate is committed to preparing employees for the careers of the future, and Global Learning Week gives employees the opportunity to explore all different topics of interest.

Global Learning Week 2019 will focus on four themes: problem solving and critical thinking, communication and collaboration, data and analytics, and cyber security and future of work. Each day this week there are three to four global sessions that all employees can watch via a live-stream.

In addition, site leaders at each office have planned specialized sessions called Spark Topics for their areas depending on topics of interest and business goals. Spark topics will take place in offices around the country led by site leaders or Global Learning Week Catalysts.

Erik, regional claim leader in the Kansas City Market Claim Office and Global Learning Week catalyst, shared how his office is taking part in the week’s activities.

“During the week, a big theme – which a lot of our sessions will cover – is change. Claims, as well as most of the organization, is going through a lot of change. As change is

happening, we have to continue to re-educate ourselves and reinvigorate our development to meet the demands of that change. As the industry moves toward a metric-centric or tech-centric environment, we have to retool. Global Learning Week is a great time for us to celebrate the opportunity to have these viewing experiences, but also look at and discuss as teams: How can we sustain that change moving forward?

We chose to pick one global session each day to feature in our office that was relevant to our business. Our sessions focus on embracing change, putting the customer first, leading from our seats, being courageous and being an adopter.

We also have Spark sessions. I’m leading one of those, a developmental discussion. It’s on the three pillars of success: performance, behaviors and presence. These are all part of an employee’s development. What I’m trying to do is engage front-line leaders and discuss their personal development plans – and how it fits into these three pillars. We hope this will lead into a conversation about creating a development plan.

I’m 28 years into my Claims profession. At this point, I feel I’m looked upon as a resource to help teach, coach and help others learn. But in a lot of those transactions, I’m learning just as much. Let’s face it: As we’re going through all this change, we have an influx of new talent, new faces, new personalities and new generations. Global Learning Week is a chance for me to get to know new people and things – and learn for myself, as well.”