Allstate sat down with Garret, licensed sales specialist in our Charlotte office, to learn more about what it means to support our customers.

“I started at an Allstate agency in a temporary position and shortly thereafter, my agency owner asked me if I wanted to try something new in a customer service role. My role quickly expanded, and I got my insurance sales license. I started looking for opportunities at the corporate office to get more experience within the business. In 2017, I transitioned into the Allstate claims department and moved into licensed sales about a year and a half later, where I have been ever since.

As a Licensed Sales Specialist, I assist customers and work with my team to problem solve on how to best support our customers. I always want to help the customer understand what products are best for their needs in a way that makes sense to them.

Working with customers is really the best part of my job. I love to teach people about our products; it’s the most interesting part of the job. Everyone knows insurance, but no one knows what it really means.

My role is really to explain what all the coverages are to the customer in a way that will help them learn what they are paying for. When someone calls in they want to be able to understand how the product will benefit them and learn about what they are protecting. It’s really all about helping people protect what matters most to them.

No matter who I am talking to, I try to make sure that person is better off than when they picked up the phone to call Allstate.

The thing that I believe is different about Allstate is that people are truly happy to be here. I come from a long line of working in retail and service, and you always see people who are there just for the paycheck. To come into a workplace where there is an inclusive environment, the people are so happy to be here and where you have supportive leaders who are not just managers is so amazing.

My best advice for someone looking into a role in sales is to always be curious. Asking questions will help you learn what the customer needs, understand Allstate products better and learn and grow within your role. The other quality that someone needs is to be caring. You have to want to help someone and take the time to understand the best way to help them because everyone is different. When a customer asks something, I want to be able to help them get all of their concerns resolved and give them a great customer experience.”

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