This week we sit down with Amanda who is a Licensed Customer Service Associate in Chubbuck, Idaho. She takes pride in walking our customers through their questions from start to finish every day.

“I joined Allstate in April 2019 as an Unlicensed Customer Service Associate which I loved, and knew I wanted to grow my career here. I decided to take a growth opportunity and became a Licensed Customer Service Associate with the Insights Lab team at the Idaho office in December 2019. My tasks can vary every day as I support our customers with questions they have, which could be anything from resetting passwords to building policies that fit their needs. I enjoy resolving their issues and hearing the excitement when everything is complete, while learning new things for myself after every call.

I also help with the incentives store for individuals in the Insights Lab where we make sure employees are recognized for their hard work. Employees are rewarded with various incentives that they can use in the store when they are performing well for themselves and as a group. They can vary between small snacks to paid lunches! This pushes everyone to not only work harder, but it promotes engagement within the teams and encourages collaboration.

The culture at Allstate is something that I have never experienced anywhere else. I’ve noticed that people thoroughly enjoy coming to work and don’t just come for a paycheck. People like getting here early just to socialize with each other before getting started for the day. Everyone at the office supports each other and leaders do an excellent job of making it easy for us to communicate with them as well.

Allstate has a principle in place that states, “We develop each other” that I treasure very highly because development opportunities are some of the most import values to me at any job. The company is focused on creating opportunities for employees to grow in any role, whether it is one they are currently working in or something they are looking to transition into. They make it clear from the very beginning that there are mentorship and coaching programs to get involved in for anyone who is interested. Overall, the leaders have an open-door policy where everyone can ask for help or guidance when they need it, so that employees are not intimidated to talk to management.

My peers are my biggest motivators as everyone has their own skill set that contributes to the team. We all constantly encourage each other, not just in our work, but in our personal goals as well.

To be successful at Allstate, you have to be able to take charge of your own development. Allstate gives you the tools to excel you in your career path, you just have to be able to use them.  My advice for anyone looking to join the company is to take initiative to stick out, because the company is already filled with talented people who steadily want to improve.”

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