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Allstate’s Virtual Summer Internship Program

Allstate’s 2020 Virtual Summer Internship Program

Every year, Allstate interns arrive at our various offices excited for a summer full of professional development, networking and learning. And while we are still excited to welcome about 130 interns to Allstate this summer, the program might look a little different than previous years. We are fortunate to be able to host a virtual internship program this summer.

The structure of our intern program will be different than in the past due to working from home, but we are committed to delivering a remote experience that will provide professional development, plenty of networking and full of fun events.

“When we chose to move the program to a home-based virtual internship, we had a ton of positive feedback from our 2020 interns,” shared Leah, Allstate Technology intern program lead. “We’ve designed multiple weekly intern events to keep everyone engaged and help them learn about Allstate.”

The virtual intern program will follow a 70-20-10 model, ensuring that 70% of their experience comes from their day-to-day work, 20% comes from networking and mentoring and 10% comes from formal learning opportunities. Interns will be paired with a peer mentor, be able to attend a variety of Lunch-and-Learn events with senior company leaders, professional development sessions and fun networking with the entire intern cohort.

No matter what office or location Allstate interns were originally planning on working in, all interns will feel like they are in one cohort.

The interns have shared some common experiences about HR during our first week. It all drills down to the excitement level and passion you all exemplify.

“We really value our interns and want to give them the best experience possible,” said Leah. “We designed this program to ensure each person feels like they’re part of the Allstate team. And even though it is a new experience for everyone, we’re able to come together virtually and provide support from every angle possible. Each week we have a variety of events planned just like we would in each of our offices.”

“The responses from current Allstaters has been amazing so far. So many teams partnered together to create the program virtually because they care about the interns’ experience. We’re ready for a great summer whatever comes our way, and at the end we can’t wait to celebrate the success and growth of our interns!”