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Allstate 2021 Summer Interns

Meet Two Summer 2021 Allstate Interns

Allstate has been proud to host summer interns virtually the past two summers amid the pandemic. “In-office experience” no longer has to be in-office thanks to the many different learning and development sessions curated for the intern cohort’s success.

Meet two of our summer interns for a glance at our 2021 cohort!

School: Purdue University
Internship Role: Actuarial Intern
What was your virtual internship experience like? From the start, I was welcomed by my team and other people across the department. Even though I haven’t had the experience of working in a corporate office, I was still surrounded by the collaborative and inviting atmosphere of Allstate. I made an effort to reach out to people I wanted to learn from and I’m grateful that everyone was more than willing to chat about anything.
What was your favorite project to work on while at Allstate? This summer, I worked on pricing deductibles for Allstate’s Renters line. I enjoyed using different modeling techniques, learning about the pricing process, and making decisions that drive the formation of a new rating plan.

School: The University of Illinois at Chicago
Internship Role: Internal Audit Intern
What was your virtual internship experience like? Working remotely was something not all of us were used to. However, everyone at Allstate made this transition for me smooth and effortless. I don’t feel that I got any less of an internship experience than I would have in the office. My team was proficient in building good relationships and supporting one another.
What has your experience as an intern be like at Allstate? My experience at Allstate has been exciting and challenging. I’m grateful that I get to work on a team with great people on meaningful work. I’ve seen what I’ve learned in college turn into practical knowledge that can be applied to real situations happening at Allstate. I know that knowledge will serve me well in my last semester of college and in my future career.