Intern Spotlight: Ranya, Actuary Intern

I am a rising senior at Purdue from Cleveland, Ohio. I heard about Allstate from the Purdue Actuarial Club, where I serve as the club President, and decided to apply.

This summer, my internship is in pricing analytics and actuarial services, under consumer household insurance. This includes insurance products like motorcycle, off-road vehicle and trailer insurance. There are 17 actuarial interns and I am on a team of 4 interns within my department.

As an actuarial intern, I analyze trends and loss developments and develop rate strategy to more adequately price our insurance products.

We had three weeks of training at the beginning of the internship to develop our basic actuarial skills. It was very collaborative and there was a lot of peer-to-peer learning. The training set me up to have a successful internship because I was able to apply all of the knowledge to my projects this summer.

I’ve been really lucky to get close with the other interns I work with. Even though the internship program has been remote this summer, it’s been easy to work with my team and the other interns virtually. It’s been great to have my team as a resource and go through this process with them!

Personally, I think the Allstate atmosphere has been amazing. I felt welcomed immediately and so many people from my department reached out to say hello and meet me. I didn’t think it would feel like that being virtual, so its been a great experience.

Outside of work, the interns have set up a euchre league, hosted an intern Olympics and attended a variety of networking events.  Each week I had coffee with a senior leader or VP within my department to learn from them and understand what other opportunities there are in the department.

My biggest take away from this internship is that it has made me a more well-rounded actuarial student. I’ve been able to participate in so many trainings and presentations. Allstate has provided a lot of opportunities and support throughout my internship, and its really helped me understand what my future career could look like!