GenderCool is one of the many nonprofit partners Allstaters work with to help the next generation succeed. Take a look below at a few things Allstaters want you to know about GenderCool, its mission and why its partnership with Allstate employees has been so impactful.

What is GenderCool?

GenderCool was founded in 2018 by Jen Grosshandler and Gearah Goldstein to combat the wide array of misinformation that has surrounded raising transgender youth and what it means to be transgender.

Inspired by the experience of Grosshandler in raising her own transgender daughter and the personal experiences of Goldstein – who is proudly transgender herself – GenderCool set out to tell the stories of transgender and non-binary youth. The youth that are involved with GenderCool are known as champions and are between the ages 11 and 17 years old. GenderCool empowers their champions with written, audial and visual platforms and resources to tell their stories; allowing them to be seen for who they are, rather than for what they are.

How have Allstaters supported GenderCool’s mission?

Since joining forces in 2018, Allstaters have supported GenderCool mainly through the work of Allstate’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group, which is dedicated to furthering the causes of the LGBTQ+ community inside and outside the workplace.

PRIDE has led Allstate’s support of GenderCool in a variety of different ways, such as hosting a panel of GenderCool champions at its headquarters in Northbrook, IL and inviting GenderCool champions to participate in Allstate’s Virtual Pride Parade during Pride Month this past June.

“There’s been such a great relationship between our two organizations from the very beginning” says Bekki Anderson, Communication Manager and Vice President of PRIDE at Allstate. “It’s been extremely gratifying to be able to support GenderCool from the ground-level and to watch the relationship grow.”

“I think that we as a country are really seeing the importance of supporting marginalized groups. Here at Allstate, we support these groups by empowering every employee to confidently lead from their seat.” says Anderson.  “If we continue to spread awareness of the accomplishments of individuals in the transgender community and are willing to share their stories, it will have a positive impact both inside the company and out in the world.”

Allstate employees have shown that they stand with GenderCool every step of the way in its quest to help create a world where everyone is accepted. With GenderCool’s vow to thoughtfully support the next generation and Allstate’s commitment to empowering youth, it is easy to see how this partnership will continue to make the world a more acceptable place for all.

Those who would like to support GenderCool’s mission are encouraged to visit their website to learn more about the cause , in addition to having ongoing conversations with those close to them about the importance of acceptance and becoming an ally for LGBTQ+ causes.