Preparing For Your Allstate Interview

The world of interviewing has evolved over the past two years, switching to mostly virtual for many companies including Allstate. It’s important to stay prepared and whether you have an upcoming interview or are refreshing your interview skills, we want to help you have a great experience interviewing with Allstate*.

Here are Allstate’s recruiters’ favorite tips for interviewing:

  1. Explore the Careers Blog and other Life at Allstate sections to learn more about what it means to work at Allstate before your interview.
  2. Practice and use the STAR format when responding to ‘tell me a time’ behavioral prompts. This helps you talk about your accomplishments and demonstrate your role effectively and completely.
    • Situation: Describe and provide relevant details of your example, explain the context of the situation and why it connects to the question.
    • TaskDescribe your role in the situation. This can help establish the level of responsibility you had in the previous role.
    • Action: Explain how you addressed the situation and what steps you took to overcome the challenge. A good answer shows how you added value to the situation and made logical decisions.
    • Result: At the end of your answer, explain the outcome of the situation. A quality answer includes concrete examples and quantifiable achievements, include the direct effects of your efforts in your response.
  1. It’s important to make a positive and lasting impression during the interview process. Especially in a video format, using a confident, strong speaking voice and friendly, open body language is key.
  2. Consider all of the logistics of a video interview before your interview time.
    • Where you will set up your computer and what is visible on screen around you
    • Quiet and distraction free environment
    • Make sure you have a secure Internet connection
    • Use natural light where possible, facing a window is better than window behind you
    • Have a digital copy of your resume on hand in case you need to send to your interview team
  1. Challenge us. Ask questions about Allstate. Show us your curious to learn more about Allstate and help us understand your excitement to join Allstate.
  2. Ask us about our culture. This will help determine if Allstate is the place for you. Our core values define our culture and what it means to be part of the Allstate Family of Companies. They are non-negotiable. They are: Honesty, Caring and Integrity; Inclusive Diversity, Engagement, Superior Performance and Accountability.
  3. Ask us about the ways you can give back to the communities we serve. Getting involved is the norm at Allstate. That’s because we have so many programs in place that make it easy for employees to give back.
  4. Stay connected!
    • Learn more about Life at Allstate on Instagram via @allstate_careers
    • Follow Allstate’s LinkedIn page to see the latest company updates and discover if any of your connections work for Allstate already.

Prepare and practice. Be confident and be yourself. Thank you for your interest in Allstate, and good luck in your interview!

*The tips provided are recommendations that do not guarantee the outcome of an interview.