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Allstate at SHPE Convention Recap

Mari Am Reflects on Her Time with SHPE

Allstate attended the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 2018 National Convention. Read Allstater Mari Am’s reflection of her time there and why Allstate participated.

“In 2017, Allstate participated in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Convention for the first time. SHPE does a great job of empowering Latinos and Latinas to be innovators in the different engineering industries. I was lucky to have been nominated to attend and represent Allstate for the full convention. I was amazed at the great talent that the SHPE had at the convention. This was also my call to action, I was motivated to make sure that Allstate had a bigger presence in this convention in the next year. I noticed that I had a lot of information and knowledge to share at the next convention.

Fast forward a year, I was fortunate to present at the SHPE National Convention with my peer, Nery. We shared our knowledge on how to be successful in the first 100 days of a new job. Our goal was to help graduates, interns and professionals have information that will help them as they started a new job/internship. It was great to see how our stories could help others in their career growth. During the convention, we attended other workshops that were inspiring. It was very motivating to see other Latinos and Latinas succeed in their own industry and share their knowledge to graduates starting their journey.

The true aha moment for me was during the last day of the career fair. A freshman student, who attended our presentation, stopped by the Allstate booth. She let us know how much she enjoyed the presentation and how it really helped her have a better idea of what is to come. She was so excited and energized, it was contagious! For Nery and me, it was the validation that we needed. At the end of the day we can’t influence the 7,700+ people at the conference, but knowing that we impacted even one person, made all the hard work worth it.

During the convention, I felt very proud of Allstate for its innovation, technology and community outreach. Those were the main points that I talked about with the students and professionals that stopped by our booth. A lot of attendees asked, “How is Allstate a technology company?” I think I can speak for all of us in blue shirts at the booth, we felt proud and honored to talk about how we are using innovation and technology to help our customers when they need us the most; when it truly matters to be the good hands company.

Allstate’s participation at SHPE allowed me to share my experience and pay it forward to my community. There is no better feeling than helping others succeed.”

Learn more about Allstate’s commitment to inclusive diversity or explore career areas.

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PLAN Named Top 20 ERG

The Professional Latino Allstate Network (PLAN) Employee Resource Group (ERG) has been selected by LATINA Style as one of the Top 20 Employee Resource Groups of the Year for 2018

PLAN’s commitment to mentorship and member empowerment. Allstate’s culture of diversity and inclusion allows all individuals to bring their whole selves to work and to succeed in their personal and professional growth. Read what Candace, the PLAN President, says about the ERG and its importance at Allstate.

“As with many others, when I first began my career with Allstate, it was difficult to navigate the large corporate setting. I felt as if I was in my own little bubble and wasn’t sure how to build my community. I was invited to attend a Professional Latinos at Allstate Network (PLAN) meeting where I learned about how my voice could have weight in a conversation and comfort that I could have a seat at the table. During that meeting, I met likeminded individuals with similar backgrounds and as I networked, I felt more comfortable in my ‘Allstate skin’.


The more I networked with PLAN members, the more I felt I belonged and that Allstate was the company for me; that I could navigate the large corporate setting and find my own path in an organization as large as Allstate. I became more engaged in my work, my network and I wanted to do more. I joined the PLAN community service committee and worked with non-profit organizations to enhance Allstate’s brand and reputation in communities we serve and that became a turning point for my involvement and engagement with Allstate.


I’ve been part of the PLAN board as a leader since 2008. As a member of the board, I grew personally and professionally outside of my daily work activities, from leadership, strategy development and planning to emotional intelligence and diversity training and so much more. Now as the president of PLAN, I’m honored to lead such an amazing team of individuals from across the organization and country. We collectively push the envelope and strive to provide our members and friends with the tools and support they need, to themselves, engage with Allstate at new levels and capacities. PLAN is important to Allstate, not only to encourage employee engagement, development and retention but to also provide open forums and opportunities where our members & friends can learn and grow with likeminded individuals with similar experiences and diverse backgrounds so that they can bring their whole selves to work.”

Ready to join a company committed to helping you grow in an inclusive environment? Apply to one of our open roles today.


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Allstate at Grace Hopper Celebration Recap

Allstate Remains Inspired by Grace Hopper Attendees

In September, Allstate returned to the Grace Hopper Celebration to join over 20,000 women in technology. A team of Allstaters hosted a booth with an interactive drone-technology game, shared Allstate opportunities, and heard from who are surely to become future industry leaders. Read what Dana, an Allstate attendee, said when reflecting about the conference:

“Throughout the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), it was clear that women are truly changing the future of technology. It was a week of tremendous learning from the diverse collective of workshop presenters, engaging conversations with future girl bosses at the Allstate booth, and captivating speeches from the impressive keynote speakers. I left more inspired than ever. There’s a true sense of pride that comes with being given the opportunity to share with others the amazing and innovative work being done at Allstate. It left me feeling motivated and excited to go back and continue achieving great things with my team in Charlotte, NC.

I have always been proud to be an Allstate employee but never more than during my time at GHC. Learning is a two-way street and more than anything, I am thankful I had the opportunity to share my awesome Allstate experience with others as well as soak in a great deal of wisdom and knowledge from women across the country.”

Didn’t have a chance to join us at Grace Hopper but interested in our tech opportunities? View our open roles here.

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Allstate at Grace Hopper

Allstate is proud to return to Grace Hopper and continue moving on Women in Tech Initiatives

Allstate is returning to the Grace Hopper Celebration, this year in Houston, TX. We caught up with some of this year’s attendees to chat about Grace Hopper and what it means to them! Check out what they had to say:

Prachi is a first-time attendee and is excited to mingle with rising technology leaders. “In order to grow a strong technology organization, you need diversity. Women bring different ideas and new vision and Grace Hopper is a great place for us to meet women in technology who will help drive us forward!

Shaggy is attending for the second time and is looking forward to sharing Allstate opportunities. “A lot of attendees are really open to new opportunities and Allstate has something for everyone! If someone chooses Allstate as their next move, they’ll find teams of passionate and innovative thinkers that are committed to our digital transformation. New employees will be excited to see the high-tech labs and upbeat environment that we’ve fostered.

Angelika was recruited to join our Technology Development Program during Grace Hopper just two years ago! She’s excited to be returning as an Allstate employee. “Allstate is truly a company that embodies diversity! Their tangible commitment to supporting and developing women in IT is the reason I joined the company.”

Chakita will be returning to Grace Hopper for the second year in a row. “We all know the low, disturbing numbers and research when it comes to women leading and being in tech.  We are answering the call by addressing this issue head on by having strategic partnerships with organizations like AnitaB.org that produces GHC.  This helps us to live into one of our core values of Inclusion and Diversity which represents our diverse company culture, agents and customers.”

Make sure to stop by our booth during the career expo to learn more about Allstate opportunities. Not attending, but interested in joining our tech team? Check out our open roles now.

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Finding Allstate Talent at ALPFA

Attending ALPFA to Build Connections

In August, Allstate attended the 2018 ALPFA Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Allstate was represented by nine team members from Human Resources, Inclusive Diversity, Sales Distribution, Independent Agency, Claim Reserves, and Data, Discovery, and Decision Science.

Allstaters participated in attracting talent, professional development and purposeful networking. With nearly 100 attendees at the Allstate-sponsored workshop featuring Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Allstate leaders speaking on a panel, Allstate was connecting with participants at every turn.

Becky, a member of Allstate Leadership Development Program, attended on behalf of Allstate and had this to say about her experience:

“This year I had the honor of representing Allstate at the 2018 ALPFA National Convention. ALPFA has been an organization near and dear to my heart since my freshman year of college and it, ultimately, led me to Allstate. I am proud to work for a company that supports the mission of organizations like ALPFA.

At this year’s convention Allstaters got to network and learn from local and national leaders of the organization. This enabled us to better understand the direction of ALPFA and how Allstate plays a role in their story. We also had several opportunities to discuss diversity recruiting best practices with other leaders across other Fortune 100 companies. Allstate offered an intriguing workshop, led by Dr. Robert Rodriguez, around latinx executive leadership and his findings after interviewing 20 latinxs at the c-suite level. We also had the opportunity to meet and interview bright candidates during the career fair.

Allstate had a strong presence throughout the convention. We look forward to continuing to partner with ALPFA as we support the latinx community and bring top talent to Allstate.”

Check out our events page to see where else we’re heading or view our open roles to apply today.

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Exploring Investments Through Rotations

Kalpit’s Investments Journey

Kalpit is a member of our Investments Development Program (IDP), a three-year rotational program within the Investments department of Allstate. He is currently in his third year of the program and is working on the Risk and Return team for Allstate Investments as an Associate Analyst.

“Right now, I’m splitting my time between two sub-teams within Risk and Return, Risk Management and Quantitative Research. With risk, I help stay on top of current events to figure out how policy and events happening around the world (i.e. trade wars) will impact an industry we are invested in and ultimately our investment portfolio. In quant, I’m helping develop processes to pull in large amounts of data, make it understandable and make it usable. There’s a big push in the investments industry to be able to make this happen and Allstate wants to be on the forefront,” Kalpit says of his current work. Kalpit only took a few programming classes in college so this is a new, exciting space for him to be learning in. “I’m currently learning Python. The IDP has truly invested time in teaching me and developing my skills so I can not only help the business but grow professionally.”

 Kalpit graduated in 2015 from University of Illinois Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Like many recent graduates of college, he was not sure what he wanted to do in his career. When the opportunity at Allstate came up, he knew the chance to get into the Investments department and to be able to rotate to different teams was a fantastic opportunity to grow professionally. After meeting with four leaders who clearly communicated how committed they were to the IDP, Kalpit was excited to accept an offer to join the team.

 Starting on the public fixed income side of Investments and then rotating to the Opportunistic Investments team, Kalpit says his rotations exposed him to aspects of the investments world that he didn’t even know existed. “Allstate comes off as just an insurance company but honestly, when I got here, the first thing I learned was how forward-looking we are. I think it’s really rare for an insurance company to be as innovative as Allstate is,” he says. For the IDP in particular, Kalpit himself is on the forefront of the program. As one of the first two IDP participants, Kalpit is grateful that it’s continuing to gain attention. “The IDP is specialized and focused and it truly sets you up for success. I’ve been able to learn so much and meet so many smart, talented, reputable people and I don’t think I would have built such meaningful relationships anywhere else,” he says.

Ready to join a growing group of upcoming Investments leaders? Check out our rotational programs and apply to the best one for you today.

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Driving Efficiency Through Process

Helping Improve the Business

Meet Ana, a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant in the Industrial Engineering team!

Ana graduated from the Technical University of Madrid with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and attended Technical University of Madrid and Illinois Institute of Technology for a double master’s program in industrial technologies and operations. After graduating, Ana came across an Allstate Industrial Engineer Consultant job posting on LinkedIn and saw she had a connection with someone who was already working at Allstate on the Industrial Engineering team. Curious about what the job would entail and the company, she reached out to him to learn more about the opportunity. She really liked what she heard and here she is today three years later!

As a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant, Ana collaborates with internal business partners to promote operational change across the organization. She enjoys collaborating with stakeholders and providing direction as to where data analytics could be used to make key decisions. As a project manager within the team, she leads and manages teams of industrial engineer consultants to ensure project goals are being met.

“Being part of the Industrial Engineering team means helping different areas of the enterprise understand where they are now, where they want to be and creating an action plan on how to get there, always using a data-driven approach,” Ana shares.

Ana’s day-to-day work varies depending on her project work. Her favorite project so far has been the end-to-end customer journey for the Claims organization. The goal of the project was to improve the customer experience within the auto claims processes, discover efficiencies and maintain outstanding quality. This project was conducted following agile principles and leveraging a cross-functional team.

“Now is an exciting time to be part of Allstate because we’re hiring people with backgrounds in data science, artificial intelligence and robotic automation. We’re putting customers first by innovating in technology, simplifying processes and reducing costs in an environment that feels like a startup,” she shares.

Are you looking for a job where you can use your business and technical acumen to tackle business problems? Our Industrial Engineer team is hiring, check out our open positions.

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Create Impact with Allstate Management Consulting Services

Allstate’s Internal Consulting Team Drives Business Transformation

Did you know Allstate has its own internal consulting team?

Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS) is similar to an external consulting firm with Allstate employees working with different areas of the business as consultants, having full access to the team they’re supporting all the time and continuing to work together after the end of projects. Having the opportunity to work on a project end-to-end has been a huge draw for many of the team members as they’ve come together to create change for Allstate.

“We’re a special team because we all come in with such different experiences and backgrounds. We have tech backgrounds and sales backgrounds and psychology backgrounds. So not only do we all see things differently which helps to moves projects forward, we’re all constantly learning from each other,” Liz, a Management Consulting Expert, says of AMCS. “Our team is part of the corporate business transformation group,” Liz continues, “so we are working on big transformations and strategic changes happening across Allstate.” AMCS helps from brainstorming and strategizing all the way to implementation.

Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant, loves the work he gets to do as well as the team dynamic. “We are a team of curious learners and we have a wealth of knowledge. People who love to learn will feel at home on this team. We also have team activities spread throughout the year, such as professional cooking classes, group painting sessions and other team-building events. What more could you ask for?” he says.

Owen, a Senior Management Consultant, agrees that AMCS is full of self-starters who are ready to grow and lead. “Our team really takes time to help people develop around their genuine interests,” Owen says. Having been on the team for four years, Owen still sees an exciting future for him and AMCS. “We’re really shepherding Allstate into the future. We’re on the forefront of changes as thought partners and leaders. We don’t come into an area to do people’s work for them. We push them and facilitate real transformation,” he says.

Liz agrees, adding that by working with leaders all across the company, she constantly helps move the business forward while developing her own skills. “I’ve done external research, developed strategy, piloted projects, gathered data on performance, and made a global impact on Allstate,” she says.

Are you looking to take your career to the next level and create meaningful impact? View our open AMCS roles today.

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Improving Business Processes within Industrial Engineering

Improving Business Processes within Industrial Engineering

Meet Rey, a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant in the Industrial Engineering team!

Rey graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and minor in mathematics in 2013.

The Industrial Engineering team is known for improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity within and across business units through data-driven analysis. They promote internal operational change with an end goal of helping enhance our customer experience. As a Senior Industrial Engineer Consultant on the team, Rey looks at a system and/or process, understands it and makes it more efficient and effective.

In his day-to-day work, he works as a project manager to ensure projects are going in the right direction and that client needs are being met. Rey enjoys interacting with key stakeholders face-to-face and building relationships with them all while doing something that’s really going to help the company in the future.

“The types of projects we get are very diverse. Each project is very different and unique, and you always have to come up with creative solutions backed up by data,” Rey says.

Projects can range from process improvement to developing business strategies, and can even include working with Encompass, Allstate Benefits and/or Esurance. His favorite project so far has been working on the future physical design of Allstate workplaces to be more conducive to the work being done in each area.

Rey has been with Allstate for a year now, and he enjoys the work/life balance, the company culture and the opportunities to give back. “If there’s a cause you support, Allstate can potentially be involved with. It also might sound cliché, but to me Allstate does seem like a big family. Everyone is working together to succeed,” he shares.

“If you like a challenge and think creatively, Allstate is the right place to be. It might not seem like it, but there is a lot of groundbreaking work going on,” he says. If you enjoy improving business processes, this may be the spot for you.

Check out our open positions within Industrial Engineering.

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Passion for Innovation and Impact

Creating Value from Intern to Senior Consultant

This is Jonathan, a Senior Management Consultant in Allstate Management Consulting Services (AMCS)!

Jonathan’s Allstate career kicked-off with a summer internship in our Allstate Roadside Services team. After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, he decided to join Allstate full-time as a financial analyst in our technology department where he worked on financial data analysis, creating plans and forecasting for our technology leaders.

Looking to continue to evolve his skills, he joined the Allstate Brand Operations as a Senior Consultant in Customer Experience. In this role, he used data and analytics to help improve Allstate’s customer experience. Wanting to take the impact he was making from customer-level to the enterprise-level, he decided to join Allstate Management Consulting Services last year.

“What renews my energy about my role in AMCS every day is the impact we create. AMCS fundamentally transforms the organization. It is incredible to be in the front seat of that change,” Jonathan shares.

One of his favorite projects so far within AMCS was Project Uber. Allstate partnered with Uber Technologies Inc. to bring end-to-end insurance protection to drivers and passengers in Illinois, New Jersey and Wisconsin. This experience exposed him to senior leaders across the enterprise and the cross-functional work that takes place to make new services come to life at Allstate.

Jonathan also has an entrepreneurship background and a passion for innovation, so much that he serves as a board member in business development for Intrapreneurs@Allstate (I@A). I@A is one of Allstate’s employee resources group (ERG) focused on creating an inclusive environment where employees with diverse, intrapreneurial thinking can foster innovation and contribute to Allstate’s business objectives. He’s been part of this ERG for over a year and really enjoys bringing innovation opportunities and resources to people across the enterprise to bring their ideas to life. Jonathan also leverages the Allstate’s Helping Hands program to volunteer for Urban Initiatives, an organization dedicated to inspiring youth towards success.

“Allstate cares about making you the best employee, value creator you can be,” Jonathan says. Are you ready to join AMCS? View our open AMCS positions.